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Interview & Prospect Breakdown- RHP Brady Choban

In baseball, where talent abounds, and every inch of the field is a battleground for supremacy, Brady Choban emerges as a figure of intrigue and potential. Born on September 16, 2000, in Barberton, Ohio, Choban's journey to the mound is a compelling story of growth, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. His towering stature at 6 feet 5 inches and a solid 240 pounds makes him an imposing figure on the mound and amplifies the power and precision he brings to every pitch.

Significant academic and athletic milestones mark Choban's baseball journey. With an educational background that spans Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, and the University of Rio Grande in Rio Grande, Ohio, he has honed his skills on the mound and embraced the discipline and academic rigor that come with being a student-athlete. This blend of academic achievement and athletic prowess underscores a multifaceted approach to his career in baseball, making him a well-rounded individual off and on the field.

As a right-handed pitcher who also bats right, Choban's versatility and adaptability are evident. His ability to navigate the challenges of collegiate baseball, coupled with the physical and mental demands of the sport, highlights his readiness to take on the professional ranks. While specific statistics from his college career would further illustrate his development and impact, Choban's journey thus far speaks to a player with the potential to make a significant mark in the sport.

Brady Choban's path from Barberton, Ohio, to the collegiate baseball fields of Marshall University and the University of Rio Grande showcases a young athlete's determination to succeed against all odds. As he continues to refine his technique and build on his natural talent, the baseball world watches with anticipation to see how this promising pitcher will evolve. With every fastball and curveball, Choban is not just aiming for strikeouts; he's pitching toward a future that's as promising as his undeniable talent on the mound.

Analysis Brady Choban, a right-handed pitcher, has a varied pitching history that spans NCAA, NAIA, summer leagues, and a brief professional stint in the Rookie League with the Los Angeles Angels. Here's a detailed analysis of his pitching statistics across these levels:

Collegiate Performance (NCAA and NAIA)

  • NCAA Years at Marshall (2019-2021): Choban struggled with a high ERA, particularly in his first year (17.47 in 5.2 IP), but showed some improvement in the subsequent years, lowering it to 6.62 in 2020 and 5.06 in 2021. His SO/W ratio was relatively low, indicating control issues.

  • NAIA Years at Rio Grande (2022-2023): His performance improved with a 5.11 ERA over two seasons, and his strikeouts per nine innings (SO9) increased significantly to 13.6, suggesting an improvement in his strikeout ability.

Summer Leagues (2019, 2022)

  • DeLand, FCSL (2019): Choban showcased a solid performance with a 3.52 ERA and an 8.6 SO9, indicating potential not fully realized in his collegiate performances.

  • West Virginia, MLBD (2023): Here, he had a 3.98 ERA across 20 games, primarily in relief roles, showing his adaptability and improved control with a 2.31 SO/W ratio.

Professional Career (2023)

  • Los Angeles Angels, Rookie League: Choban's brief appearance in professional baseball was challenging, with a 54.00 ERA in just 0.2 innings pitched, suggesting difficulties adapting to the professional level.


Choban's collegiate and NAIA career reflects a pitcher who can strike batters out at a high rate but with control and consistency issues, as evidenced by his high ERA and BB9 rates. His summer league performances, however, hint at potential, with lower ERAs and better control.

Transitioning into professional baseball, even at the Rookie level, has proven difficult for Choban, with a significantly high ERA in a minimal sample size. This transition often highlights areas that need development, such as command and adapting to facing professional hitters.


Brady Choban's journey through college, NAIA, summer leagues and professional baseball illustrates the challenges and growth a pitcher can experience. The increase in strikeout rates over time shows his potential to overpower hitters, but control remains a critical area for improvement. Success in professional baseball will likely hinge on his ability to refine his pitching mechanics and command to reduce walks and become more consistent on the mound.

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