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Fantasy Dugout: Top SP Targets

What is going on, Ball Boys and Ball Girls! I hope you all are doing super well. Thank you so much for being here; as we approach the 2021 season, I want to give you guys some fantasy input for who my top 15 targets are at each position. Most fantasy baseball leagues are 8-10 players; scoring formats vary from league to league, structure, and server. You can check out my fantasy tips and tricks here. I will break down the players into categories: Obvious targets, above average, better than average targets, and lastly, a few if you're desperate names. Let me know what you guys think over in the Fantasy Forum. With the pitchers being a more significant position, we are going to look at 30 players. I will give my general prediction in terms of production and where I think you should draft them and not waste your time with 30 bios.

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Obvious Targets, a.k.a. don't pass on these players:

#1 Gerrit Cole-

Easily 15W, 250+K, 3.25-ERA, 1.10-WHIP, and should be a top-10 pick.

#2 Trevor Bauer

Cy Young winner, and only getting better

15+W, 230+K, 3.00-ERA, 1.15-WHIP and should be a top-10 pick

#3 Shane Bieber

Cy Young winner- 15+W, 200+K, 3.25-ERA, 1.17-WHIP, and a top-10 pick

#4 Jacob deGrom

Mr.reliable and consistent- 15+W, 230+K, 3.20-ERA, 1.10-WHIP top-15 pick

#5 Max Scherzer

Mad Max, 13+W, 240+K, 3.30-ERA, 1.10-WHIP, and should be a top-20 pick

#6 Walker Bueler

Should he get 200+IP, you should get 12+W, 200+K, 3.50-ERA, 1.20-WHIP and should be a top-25pick

#7 Yu Darvish

Now a Padre and ready to build off his Cy Young Snub

13+W, 210+K, 3.25-ERA, 1.20-WHIP, and a top-30 pick

#8 Clayton Kershaw

When you play on the best team in baseball, and you're the best regular-season pitcher of all-time. 14+W, 200+K, 3.50-ERA, 1.20-WHIP, and a 4th round pick, which is a value

#9 Hyun-Jin Ryu

Coming off a 3rd place Cy Young finish and improving offense around him, 2021 could yield hardware

13+W, 3.15-ERA, 1.15-WHIP, 180+K, and a steal in the 5th round.

#10 Kenta Maeda

Is he a starter, okay 2nd place in Cy Young says yes to me

12+W, 3.10-ERA, 180+K, 1.10-WHIP, and a steal if you can grab him in the 4th/5th round.

Above Average, you just missed out:

#1 Jack Flaherty

I know he is excellent; he doesn't make my top-10 cut. He should, however, be a 12+W, 210+K, 3.45-ERA, 1.20-WHIP

#2 Blake Snell

With the move to SD and around a much more potent offense, Snell helps reach 14+W, 190+K, 3.50-ERA, 1.20-WHIP and should be a 3rd or 4th round pick.

#3 Tyler Glasnow

The new Ace of the Rays primed for a big season

13+W, 200+K, 3.75-ERA, 1.25-WHIP and should be a 3rd-5th round pick

#4 Max Fried

After carrying the Braves rotation in 2020, 2021 looks bright

12+W, 180+K, 3.50-ERA, 1.25-WHIP, and a steal if you can get him in the 6th round.

#5 Luis Castillo

With Bauer out, Castillo is in at the top of the Red rotation

11+W, 200+K, 3.90-ERA, 1.30-WHIP. and a 4th-6th round pick.

#6 Lucas Giolitto

Come 2022; he will be a top-10 option

13+HR, 210+K, 3.75-ERA, 1.25-WHIP, and a 4th/5th round pick.

#7 Aaron Nola

The Phillies Ace will look to be great again in 2021

12+W, 200+K, 3.90-ERA, 1.30-WHIP, and a 5th-7th round pick.

#8 Zack Greinke

JV is still out; Greinke is still good enough

11+W, 180+K, 4.15-ERA, 1.30-WHIP, and a 6th-8th round pick.

#9 Lance Lynn

Now the Chi Sox #2 with a much-improved offense & defense around him

12+W, 200+K, 3.75-ERA, 1.25-WHIP, and a steal in the 9th round.

#10 Madison Bumgarner

Still great, just over 30; the future HoF is due for a big season

12+W, 190+K, 3.90-ERA, 1.25-WHIP, and a steal in the 10th round.

Better than Average, you could have done better:

#1 Sixto Sanchez

I love Sixto and the Marlins, and I am overly excited about the new Pedro Martinez

10+W, 175+K, 3.75-ERA, 1.20-WHIP and should fall way down to the 10th or later in drafts and return massive rewards

#2 Patrick Corbin

I am still a Corbin believer, and he does carry top-12 upside

11+W, 200+K, 3.60-ERA, 1.25-WHIP and should fall to the 7th round.

#3 Charlie Morton

Clutch Charlie will probably be a bit overrated now as a member of the Braves. He should reach 12+W, 190+K, 3.55-ERA, 1.25-WHIP, and a 6th-8th round pick.

#4 Sonny Gray

Playing to get traded and contend

10+W, 185+K, 3.90-ERA, 1.25-WHIP, and a 9th/10th round pick.

#5 Noah Syndergaard

Coming back from injury, Thor will be just as good as ever and be a steal where ever you draft him in the later rounds.

#6 Zack Wheeler

The Phillies ace is due for a big season

12+W, 190+K, 4.00-ERA, 1.25-WHIP, and a 9th/10th round pick.

#7 Zac Plesac

The Indians have greatness in their rotation

10+W, 180+K, 3.50-ERA, 1.20-WHIP and should be a tremendous 7th-10th round pick.

#8 Kyle Hendricks

The new Cubs ace had a solid 2020; he will look to hold the rotation together

10+W, 165+K, 4.20-ERA, 1.30-WHIP, and a value in the 11th/12th round.

#9 Marco Gonzalez

The Mariners Ace is primed to keep competing in the AL West, with the Mariners coming on as legit contenders.

13+W, 3.75-ERA, 160+K, 1.25-WHIP and should be a steal in the 12th/15th round

#10 Brandon Woodruff

I know plenty of people who believe in Woodruff this season, and the more I see his name floated in Cy Young predictions already, I am buying in.

12+W, 190+K, 3.60-ERA, 1.20-WHIP and should be a steal in rounds 10-15.

Desperate times, or you auto-drafted:

Take your pick on some returning from injury: Justin Verlander, Chris Sale, Stephen Strasburg, Mike Soroka, Shoei Ohtani, Corey Kluber, Eduardo Rodriguez, James Paxton, Marcus Stroman

Other quality starters: Robbie Ray, Carlos Carasco, Jake Odorizzi, Jose Berrios, Cristian Javier, Justus Sheffield, Frankie Montas, Zac Gallen, Jesus Luzardo, Matt Boyd, German Marquez, Sean Manaea, Joe Musgrove, Dallas Keuchel, MacKenzie Gore, Domingo German, Nate Pearson, Chris Paddack, Johny Cueto, David Price, Mike Minor, Masahiro Tanaka.

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Thank you guys for reading to the end. I love taking the extra few seconds to read how much I appreciate you and how grateful I am for the time you have spent with me in this post, listening to the Podcast, participating in the forums, and sharing with friends. It all means so much to me, and I appreciate it and am so beyond grateful! Thank you!

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