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Dem Yum Yum Power Rankings

Howdy Ball Boys and girls welcome today's Yum Yum getcha some Power Rankings presented by Dan-o's seasoning. The last and ONLY seasoning you will EVER need. You can get yours today with code "Ballboy" to let them know I sent you; click here.

That's enough of the business; let's jump into our post-deadline power rankings and our first power rankings since MAY! I drafted this on the 29th, and the +/- are adjusted from there based on moves. The records are also as of the 30th.

  1. SF Giants(64-38)

    1. Retain the top spot after the KB and Watson trades

  2. TB Rays(61-42)

    1. Retain the two spots with the great, intelligent deadline moves in Cruz, Luplow, and the pen additions

  3. Boston Red Sox(63-41)

    1. I love them in the three spots with the pen additions and the Schwarber addition.

  4. LA Dodgers(62-42)

    1. Shoot up from my original 9th place to top 5 with the Scherzer, Turner additions. Seager is also back off the IL.

  5. Chicago White Sox(60-43)

    1. With the additions of Kimbrel, Cesar Hernandez, the White Sox are a supreme power!

  6. NY Mets(54-47)

    1. Baez, Trevor Williams, Rich Hill give me a lot of hope for the rest of the season and a push for the NL East.

  7. Houston Astros(63-40)

    1. The Astros still have a great team on paper, but the trade of Staw leaves a big hole in CF.

  8. Milwaukee Brewers(61-42).

    1. Smart, savvy, simple was the motto at the deadline for the Brew Crew with their additions to keep them in the top 10.

  9. Oakland A's(58-46)

    1. The A's jumped into my top-10 after the additions of Starling Marte, Yan Gomes, Josh Harrison, among others. Very A's baseball

  10. SD Padres(60-45)

    1. The Padres were able to get Adam Frazier, Daniel Norris but outside of that missed Mad Max.

  11. New York Yankees(53-48)

    1. Gallo, Rizzo, Heaney all are fantastic additions for a Yankees team who isn't ready to turn over the keys to AL East.

  12. Toronto Blue Jays(51-48)

    1. Berrios is a crucial addition to the Jays rotation; they paid a heavy price to contend with Berrios for a year and a half.

  13. Seattle Mariners(55-48)

    1. They probably made the worst timed trade of the deadline in the Graveman, Montero for Smith, Toro. However, the Diego Castillo deal is a great one!

  14. Atlanta Braves(51-52)

    1. Revamped and reloaded with Rosario, Duvall, Soler, Rodriguez to help get this team back in contention for the NL East.

  15. Cincinnati Reds(54-49)

    1. The Reds did nothing but add some minor pen pieces to the team, which could pay dividends for the NL Wildcard.

  16. Philadelphia Phillies(51-51)

    1. The Phillies made some great rotation additions in Gibson, Kennedy from the Rangers, keeping them in the mix.

  17. STL Cardinals(51-51)

    1. I like the additions of the veteran arms in Happ and Lester to this team to keep them competitive.

  18. LA Angels(51-51)

    1. They traded away Heaney, which could open the door for a younger and better arm.

  19. Cleveland Indians(50-49)

    1. The Indians still have J-Ram and their pitching to keep them competitive even after the Luplow, Rosario, and Hernandez trades.

  20. Minnesota Twins(43-60)

    1. The Nelson Cruz traded signaled a rebuild in Minnesota. However, they did the opposite. Only trading Berrios to the Jays. They kept Donaldson, Buxton, Maeda, Pineda. They really could have landed some severe talent if they moved on from these vets.

  21. KC Royals(45-56)

    1. The decade+ of Duffy is over; the Royals look to the future after staying pat at the deadline.

  22. Detroit Tigers(50-55)

    1. The Tigers stayed the rebuild course, not selling any pieces and not bringing any in either.

  23. Miami Marlins(44-58)

    1. The Marlins didn't do anything but add talent to an already deep pitching staff and minor league system. Marlins are big winners.

  24. Colorado Rockies(44-58)

    1. Not trading Story for ANYTHING was a mistake. They now plan to give him a QO that he will reject, hoping for a draft pick—awful move.

  25. Chicago Cubs(50-54)

    1. The big three is now the big 0 with Rizzo, KB, and Baez all out of town and the rebuild officially.

  26. Texas Rangers(36-66)

    1. Gibson, Gallo, Kennedy are all out of town; the Rangers are now playing for nothing but development and reps.

  27. Washington Nationals(47-55)

    1. Juan Soto is now Juan Solo in Washington. At least they can pay him a ton of money now.

  28. Baltimore Orioles(35-66)

    1. The O's sold Glavis and a couple of pen arms but kept their rebuild on course for the future.

  29. Pittsburgh Pirates(38-64)

    1. Frazier, Rodriguez, Anderson, and all other valuable pieces this team had are no longer around, and it's the tanking season for the AAA/MLB Pirates.

  30. Arizona Diamondbacks(32-71)

    1. I am surprised Ketel Marte didn't get sent out of town with Escobar. They kept more pieces than they should have.

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