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Journal: Day 2 of Becoming more Loving

My journaling fell off HARD! So we pick right back up on day 2.

Day two of becoming more loving is symbolized by nurturing a tiny sprout with water, where each droplet turns into a tiny heart upon touching the soil, illustrating the careful cultivation of love and the blossoming of affection.

Every time I think of love and becoming more loving, I think of the love languages and how I can show love in the best ways in the ways that mean and matter the most to my girls and my fiance. Also, there is a way to show love at work by being kind, friendly, authentic, and real with people. It's a balancing act.

When I think of an example of love, there is no better example to me than Jesus and the example he laid out in the bible. He loved the poor, the broken, the sick, the weary, the diseased, the hungry, and everyone, no matter what they did or were going to do. Heck, he even loved and forgave Peter after he betrayed him 3x in one night. That's wild to think about. How could I tell someone that, and then it happens, forgive and love them?

It's because love is bigger than our small selves. Our love for others is limited; it's a small scope; it's not enough. The world is filled with hate and despair, and everyone wants to make others feel down at the same time they do.

It feels like no one is allowed to have the happiness they want and desire cause it will offend, hurt, or get ruined. Let's just be happy for each other and celebrate each other; now, that doesn't take away anything from what you are going through, but let's choose to be happy and love the happiness others are experiencing cause ours is coming!

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