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20: Everyday Kid Issues

Welcome one, welcome all, welcome to the Young Dad Podcast; we have a fantastic show for you today. The brothers today jump into some of the everyday issues that our kids and yours face. Our kids are under tremendous pressure in school and every day of their lives. Our kids face stress in passing classes and confronting bullies. Being homesick, comparison, peer pressure, making friends, failure, bad teachers, competition, and so much more. What's crazy is that most of the brother's kids they talk about are in Kindergarten and 1st grade and face these stressful issues daily. There is so much we can do to help our kids, but most of all, be present and show up when they need you. Teach them to be grateful, kind, compassionate, and empathetic humans who are for their peers on a human level. Support your kids all you can, and however, you can, with pure love and the best intentions. Enjoy the show! Feel free to leave a question you want answered, a would you rather, this or that, and a review. Oh, and five stars. If you're on YouTube, please hit that subscribe button, too. The Podcast is now on Apple; remember to head over there and leave a 5 Star Rating review for us to read on our next show. Follow us @youngdadpod on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and wherever you get your Podcast. You can find us on our website at or, or All take you to the same place! Remember to hit our linktree for all our deals:

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