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Prospect Breakdown- RHP Jorge Marcheco

Jorge William Marcheco's journey from Bayamo, Cuba, to the mound of Tri-City is a testament to baseball's talent, perseverance, and universal appeal. Born on August 6, 2002, Marcheco has navigated the geographical journey from his homeland to the United States and made significant strides in the competitive world of professional baseball. Standing 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing 185 pounds, his right-handed pitching has already begun to leave a mark on the game, underscored by his stellar performance in the 2023 season.

Marcheco's brief yet impactful five-game stint in 2023 with Tri-City was nothing short of remarkable. Posting a 3-1 record with an impressive 1.88 ERA, he quickly caught the attention of fans and analysts alike. His accolade as the Northwest League Pitcher of the Week is not just a personal triumph but a clear indication of the potential impact he could have on the sport, a potential that is eagerly anticipated by those who have followed his ascent.

As a right-handed starter, Marcheco embodies the archetype of the modern pitcher—combining speed, technique, and a strategic mind to outwit batters. His ability to maintain composure under pressure and adapt to professional baseball's challenges speaks volumes about his maturity and dedication to the sport.

Marcheco's journey from the fields of Bayamo to professional baseball in the United States is a narrative of ambition and achievement. It reflects not only his commitment to excellence but also baseball's global nature, where talent from around the world converges on the American stage to compete at the highest levels.

As Jorge Marcheco gears up for the 2024 season with Tri-City, he stands on the cusp of turning his early promise into a sustained career in professional baseball. With a solid foundation laid in the 2023 season, the stage is set for Marcheco to build on his achievements and continue his rise as one of the most promising pitchers in the game.


Jorge Marcheco's early career showcases a promising young pitcher making significant strides within the Los Angeles Angels organization. Across three seasons, his performance at various minor league levels illustrates both his potential and areas for growth.

Key Highlights of Performance

  • Rapid Advancement: Starting in the Dominican Summer League and progressing through Rookie, A, and A+ levels in just three seasons, Marcheco's quick ascent is a testament to his potential and the Angels' confidence in his abilities.

  • Strikeout Ability: Marcheco's ability to generate strikeouts is evident, with a career average of 10.9 SO9 (strikeouts per nine innings). This indicates a high level of effectiveness in his pitching arsenal.

  • Control and Efficiency: Maintaining a WHIP (Walks + Hits per Innings Pitched) below the league average, particularly a 0.986 across all levels, highlights his control and ability to limit base runners.

Seasonal Analysis

  • 2021 Season: Marcheco's debut season was notable for a perfect 0.00 ERA across nine innings, setting a high standard and showcasing his potential.

  • 2022 Season: Transitioning through the Rookie and A levels, he maintained a commendable ERA of 3.48 and an impressive strikeout-to-walk ratio, especially in the Rookie League (6.33 SO/W).

  • 2023 Season: His performance at A and A+ levels was a testament to his growth, culminating in a standout 1.88 ERA at A+ level over five games, indicating significant improvements and adaptability to higher competition levels.

Defensive Aspects

  • Fielding: Marcheco's fielding percentages and responsibilities as a pitcher align with expectations for his position. His perfect fielding percentage in the 2023 season across A and A+ levels suggests competence in handling his defensive duties.

Developmental Insights

  • Continued Growth: The transition to higher levels has seen improvements in ERA, WHIP, and SO/W ratio, highlighting his development trajectory and adaptation to competitive environments.

  • Adaptability: His success at the A+ level, with a stellar 1.88 ERA, indicates a promising ability to adjust his approach against advanced hitters and suggests readiness for challenges at higher minor league levels.


Jorge Marcheco emerges as a compelling young arm within the Angels' farm system, showcasing strikeout capabilities, control, and adaptability to higher competition levels. His performance trajectory bodes well for his future, with continued development and adjustments expected to pave the way for potential success in higher minor league levels and beyond. Marcheco's progress in the coming seasons will be pivotal in assessing his readiness for the major leagues and long-term potential within professional baseball.

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