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Yearly Review: Boston Red Sox

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

It's time to look back at every team from around the MLB and what they showed us during the 60 game sprint! We are going to explore a few things for each team: Review in-season transactions, what we learned, what we loved, what we didn't love, the most significant need(s), and lastly, the biggest takeaways.

Let's jump over the AL with the Boston RedSox today. We talked about the Padres, A's, Marlins, Yankee's, Cardinals, Whitesox, Cubs, Twins, Reds, BlueJays, Brewers, Illllndians, Giants, Phillies, Mariners, Rockies, Nationals, Mets, Royals, Angels, and D-Backs thus far; you can find all posts on the homepage

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What moves did the 2020 RedSox make?

Boston Red Sox traded RHP Brandon Workman and RHP Heath Hembree to Philadelphia Phillies for RHP Nick Pivetta and RHP Connor Seabold.- Pivetta looked good in his 10IP with a 13K-5BB, 1.30WHIP, 1.80ERA, and 0.6WAR. It seems like the RedSox got a bullpen piece.

Boston Red Sox traded 1B Mitch Moreland to San Diego Padres for 3B Hudson Potts and CF Jeisson Rosario.- Neither played in 2020 for the RedSox

Boston Red Sox traded LHP Josh Osich to Chicago Cubs for Player To Be Named Later.

Boston Red Sox traded CF Kevin Pillar to Colorado Rockies for Player To Be Named Later and Future Considerations.- I believe this was RHP Kyle Wallace, and he did not play for Boston in 2020.

What did we love about the 2020 RedSox?

We all know that Alex Verdugo will never be Mookie Betts, BUT he did show well this season in Boston. He hit a slash of .308BA/.367OBP/.478SLG. Each of those is great and above league average numbers. We also saw great seasons from Xander Bogaerts with a slash line of .300BA/.364OBP/.502SLG and Christian Vazquez, who slashed a .283BA/.344OBP/.457SLG. The only pitching performance we liked Nathan Eovaldi's opening day performance, which was pretty sweet.

What did we not love about the 2020 RedSox?

The Chris Sale and E-Rod injuries hurt the RedSox, and the departure of Mookie Betts is what threw the RedSox into a last-place finish in the AL East, and 3rd worst finish the in AL and 4th worst in the MLB. I had this team predicted to be a 33-27 team, and they finished at 24-36. Now, this is where I am baffled. The RedSox slashed close to league average at .265BA/.330/.445 league average should be .290+/.340+/.450+. The offense wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. The RedSox lost because of their pitching, who had a 5.58ERA and 1.60WHIP while opponents hit .281.

What was the biggest takeaway from the 2020 RedSox?

The offense was average and had a lot of upside as a team. The pitching needs help, and getting Sale and E-Rod back will help this team a ton! Hopefully, adding a few good RP and maybe another starter or two will help get this team right back into contention in 2021.

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What is next for the 2020 RedSox in 2021?

The RedSox will look a bit different in 2021 as CF Jackie Bradley Jr is a free agent. The offense still has a high upside core: Rafael Devers, Xander Bogaerts, Alex Verdugo, and Bobby Dalbec. Chris Sale and Eduardo Rodriguez will both be back from injuries in 2021. We are all anticipating bounce-back years by J.D. Martinez and Andrew Benintendi in 2021. Now that the club is well under the luxury tax going into the winter and 2021, the RedSox are in a great spot to score a couple of big fish free agents and get right back into contention. I can see George Springer as a great fit or even Michael Brantley, possibly being a couple of the immediate names that come to mind.

Thank you guys for being with me today. I hope you are enjoying the blog today. Please stay tuned through the winter; we have more Around the Horn, Yearly Reviews, Ball Boy Talk, and of course, the Podcast. Don't forget to share with a friend and until next time Ball boys & girls.

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