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YDP21: Unstoppable Dad Diet

What is up, our excellent listeners? We are super excited about today's show. Before we jump into it today, we are celebrating 12K downloads with a nomination for Podcast of the Year with the 1st Annual Safest Family on the Block award. Click here to vote for Young Dad Podcast. Now, we talk with Matt, the creative mind and coach behind the Unstoppable Dad Project/Podcast. With Matt, we talked about gridiron football, coaching, having a young family, doing hard things, stacking the wins, creating an unstoppable mindset, and the well-balanced dad diet. You're going to want to take advantage of this. Enjoy the show! Feel free to leave a question you want answered, a would you rather, this or that, and a review. Oh, and five stars. If you're on YouTube, please hit that subscribe button, too. The Podcast is now on Apple; remember to head over there and leave a 5 Star Rating review for us to read on our next show. Follow us @youngdadpod on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and wherever you get your Podcast. You can find us on our website at or, or All take you to the same place! Remember to hit our linktree for all our deals:

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