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YDP 9: Thanksgiving Traditions, Season of Giving, Teaching Giving, Name that Character

Back again! Thanks for listening today; we so appreciate it. We hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and thanks for listening to this as you cook. Trust me, trust me, don't be afraid to add a little more butter to that turkey.

This week we had a blast talking about Thanksgiving Traditions. Jey had to dig DEEP for the cause. Five concussions will do that to you. We then started talking about giving cause Tis the season. The discussion on giving was more than about money; it was about time, love, forgiveness, patience, and much more.

For the parents and caregivers, we talked about teaching giving cause we want our kids to be good people, and giving is part of the equation. Kids have such huge hearts; teach them to share that pure, kind, authentic love throughout their lives.

Lastly, were you able to guess that character? If you did! Excellent, if not, don't worry; you will get answers!

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While you cook and prep tonight, Listen to "Ep 9: Thanksgiving Traditions, Season of Giving, Teaching Giving, Name that Character" by Young Dad Pod.


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