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What About Him pt 2

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One of the most exclusive clubs in all of baseball is 3000 hits.

The 500 HR club is even more exclusive as only 28 players have reached that milestone. As we learned and witnessed in 2022, Tigers 1B/DH Miguel Caberea joined an elite list of seven players to do both; the other six: Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Hank Aaron, Willey Mays, Eddie Murray, and Rafael Palmeiro.

Welcome to our 2 part "What about him" mini-series, where we will explore some of the other big names in baseball and if they could become part of the 3000H/500HR club when their careers end.

  • 3B Nolan Arenado

After opting into the remaining years on his deal with the Cardinals, Arenado is off the market and set on leading the Cardinals into the post-Yadi-Pujols-Waino era in STL. Honestly, Arenado will be in the HoF solely on his 9 Gold Gloves and 5 Platinum Gloves and counting. However, the 31yo 3B bat is nothing short of amazing. 1399H/278HR is a big reason he has 4 Silver Sluggers and 6 All-Stars. The career 178H/35HR averages are nothing short of incredible. The chances might be strong, needing 1601H/222HR and six years total left on his deal. 8.99 more seasons to reach 3K, 6.34 seasons to reach 500HR. It's likely Arenado falls short of 3K and does, however, reach 500HR. 2400H/500HR should be close to the final tally for Arenado when he ends up in Cooperstown.

  • SS Carlos Correa

It's always Correa's time. It feels as if this man loves the headlines and the limelight, which is slightly chilled in Minnesota with the Twins. The former #1 overall pick has 810H/135HR at age 27 and into his 7th MLB season. He needs 2190H/365HR up against his average of 168H/28HR, which doesn't immediately give me much hope; however, time is on his side at 27. 13.03 more seasons to reach 3K and 13.03 more seasons to reach 500HR. It's doubtful that Correa will reach either of these marks, and he should end up around 2400H/400HR when he decides to hang them up.

  • SS Corey Seager

As Kyle decided to retire, Kyles's little brother is the only Seager left in the MLB heading into the 2022 season. The Rangers SS signed a massive 10yr deal with the club to be their cornerstone as they look to compete in the AL West. The former Dodger, WS Champ/MVP, and RoY look to make the Seager name even more profound. The 28yo has 755H/112HR into his 7th MLB season. Needing 2245H/388HR to reach the milestones and at his 181H/27HR average and 10yrs on his side, let's see how long it will take. 12.40 seasons to reach 3K, 17.37 seasons to reach 500. Corey likely ends up around 2500H and 370HR when he hangs it up, post mega deal.

  • 2B/SS Marcus Semien

The 2nd piece of the Rangers puzzle is 31yo SS/2B Semien. Since the 2019 3rd place MVP finish, few have been more productive in that span. After signing a massive 7yr deal with the Rangers, Semien is locked back into the AL West and ready to build off of his career 1031H/160HR. He needs 1969H/340HR to reach the milestones, and at his career 162G averages of 158H/24HR and his age, it doesn't look ideal. He needs 12.79 more seasons to reach 3K and 15 more at those numbers to reach 500HR. It's all but likely Semien ends around 2100H/320HR come to the end of his big deal.

  • OF Aaron Judge

The main character of the 2022 season is on pace for nearly 60HR as of 5/23/22. There isn't much to say about Judge other than light-tower power, so let's jump into the numbers. He is playing in his 30-season and looking for an absolute RECORD deal. 618H/173HR on his career. He would need 2382H/327HR, and in his career, 162G averages of 164H/46HR. Let's do the math. 14.52 more seasons for 3K and only 6.81 more seasons for 500HR, and 8.90 more for 600HR. I give Judge at least eight more good seasons, and with those numbers, he should end up around 1900H/525HR when it's all said and done for him.

  • 1B Freddie Freeman

MV-Free is excellent at baseball, and the Dodgers 1B came home to So-Cal this last off-season on a 6yr deal. The 32yo vet has 1750H/274HR so far in his great now 12yr career. Freeman needs 1250H/226HR to reach the milestones. His career averages per 162G, 177H/28HR would take him 7.06 to reach 3K and 8.07 more to reach 500K. I honestly don't want to predict where Freeman will end up as the numbers aren't out of the cards for him. Time will tell as Freeman goes through his last contract in Dodger Blue.

  • 3B/2B Jose Ramirez

The Guardians locked down and were lucky enough that Ramirez loves his team enough to take a discount and re-sign for seven more seasons and ultimately the rest of his career as the deal takes him through 36 seasons. Now, we see if the Guardians can put a competitive product around J-Ram and their excellent pitching staff. In his 8th season in the MLB, J-Ram has 1026H/172HR, with career 162G averages of 163H/27HR with 1974H/328HR to meet the mark. He would need 12.11 more seasons for 3K and 12.14 more for 500HR. It's like J-Ram will go down at a great for Cleveland and end up with around 2100H/350HR with quite a few more All-Stars and Silver Sluggers.

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Stay tuned for my favorite thing to do is call out and give my opinion on the most underrated and overrated played across the AL and NL. Next week, we jump into the 4 part series of Overrated/Underrated.


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