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Well-Balanced Dad Diet: Long-Term Mindset

Part-6 of the WBDD, and we start by referencing piece number 2; if you recall, it was small steps. We threw out every notion of a magic pill, formula, and idea of an overnight change and quick fixes. What were doing with the WBDD is that we are finding tools, whether new or used, filling our tool bag up with them, and using them long-term. Today, we talk about some things we can do to help achieve that long-term mindset, which is a life-long mindset that helps us continue to use these tools to the best of our abilities for as long as we can use them.

We also have to be honest about a long-term mindset because it looks vastly different from person to person on any given day. Today, I feel good. I'm firing on all cylinders. However, there are days that none of us like to admit; we run at about 20-30% of the normal day-to-day. That is OKAY! You're human; I'm human. However, we must be willing to put the effort in on those low % days and give all that 20% to whatever we feel needs to be accomplished. Every day, get up and give all you can, it doesn't have to be 100%, but it has to be the most and best you can give.

In addition to taking a long-term mindset, you must remember you could be better. You'll fail, mess up, and occasionally let yourself and those around you down. You're going to fail; that's good. It means you're human, has a heart, and care honestly. I equate the hurt and heartache we feel when we fail because we care just as much about who or what we failed, if not more. Pick yourself up, give yourself some love, grace, and, most importantly, forgiveness when you fail. Just remember that the best baseball players in the world fail about 70% of the time when they hit, and they show up and keep going daily, fighting to succeed 30% of the time and be great. Remember that.

Now, what the heck does a long-term mindset look like? How do we get there? I have three ideas, each with its challenge. Should go 2, 3, 1, no, we will go through them 1-2-3 since that makes sense; again, these could go in any order you like, and apply them how you feel works best for you. Well, first, we have to know what our long-term goals are, we have to know what route we are going to take, and we have to start planning. Goal One: the first thing that we are going to do is we are going to sit down at our computer or with a pen and paper or with our phone, and we are going to write it down and write it out. We don't put arbitrary numbers or values here, but we will create a clear vision, a blueprint if you would. We start small, but those steps will slowly get bigger over time, and we need to know where they will lead us. The vision is who you want to see looking back at yourself in 5/10/15/25/50 years. The vision can and will change, but you need to create goals that will get you to that version of you, you desire to see looking back at you in these different time frames.

There's power in writing out your goals, plans, intentions, vision, and blueprint. You commit those things to memory; you bring everything I mentioned above to life; you give them energy. When you write them out, you develop another part of that energy and life; you bring color and all your senses into it. You start to see the colors, smell the smells, hear the sounds, taste new foods, and feel the touch of loved ones. When you can get to this level and create a clear vision, everything you are taking those small steps forwards starts to feel not so impossible. Remember growth and goal setting; that path you will take to get it isn't linear. Everyone is going to look different, but never working towards yours.

You might be like I've been in the past, where I don't feel worthy of these goals, these drastic changes, and I, in my head, justify doing this for me. It feels selfish; all the time, energy, and effort that will go into this mindset, I could put that into those around me. However, how will you put that effort in if you recall how you view yourself? If your cup is empty, you have nothing to put into others. You deserve to have these goals; you deserve to have your vision for you; you deserve to pour into your cup. Please, stop thinking that you don't.

Now that you have written your goals down and out, you created a vision or a blueprint. Now you feel that those are there; they are created; what will keep you motivated? What is going to keep pushing you toward those goals? Well, here's a goal for your goals, goal 2: attach your goals to something that you genuinely care about and know you won't fail. Often, I find myself attaching my goals for my health to my kids because I want to live a long time for them, be healthy and be there for them physically. I also want to enjoy this big world with them, so I must keep my body right. You could also attach goals to your family, spouse, heck, your dog, a part of the work you do, something that will keep you on track as you don't want to fail this person, which is motivation in itself. If you don't do it for yourself and purely for yourself, do it for those you care most about.

The final goal for your goals is to commit to that long-term mindset I keep us working towards. So far, we are going write it down, and out, we are going to attach our goals to people/things that we care deeply about, and lastly, we are going to be intentional about the things we do. Goal 3: We will think about the goals intentionally, act on the goals, do the things we have set as goals, and put energy and effort into the goals. These things will be intentional, with purpose, conviction, and energy. Remember what we talked about earlier? We go daily into life with as much as we can give. If we can only give 47%, we give 100% of that 47%. We don't make excuses; we show up for ourselves as our goals are important and they matter.

Wrap it all together now; I gotcha. Every day, we wake up, we have an idea of what we want to do daily, and we have an idea of how we will get there. However, take these three tips and go from having an idea to knowing precisely what, when, where, and how you will be that version of yourself you and everyone you love and care about deserves.

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