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Well-Balanced Dad Diet: Eliminate Excuses

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

You did it; you made it halfway through the WBDD and, as I was writing this piece, made excuses as to why I couldn't get it done. I was tired and needed to work out; I had work, the kids were being difficult, I was saying to myself I had some writer's block, and my oldest daughter kept asking me to help and press keys on the keyboard; I was also constantly questioning what direction to go with this piece. Looking at the situation now, I am so glad I was in the excuses mindset and pushed through the excuses. I lived in this mindset for about four days, where I would open my computer, do other things, see the tab open for this piece, and ignore it. Why though? Why was I doing this for days on end? I had no excuses to write; I had the time I was putting it in other places.

I might be writing about the fantastic WBDD, but I'm just as human. Should I have been taking my advice when giving you all of what you have? It is 20%, 78%, or 100%, but I haven't been taking the advice. This is perfectly okay because you have to work through the excuses and those times when you feel down or like you just can't. The days, the excuses pile up, and the first thing we have to do is attack that laundry pile, the dishes, the floor cleaning, and all the chores to get to the point where the excuses are no longer usable. I started so small; I started with the chores, changing the sheets, going to work, doing all the extra social media posts, finally having nothing else to do, and decided to practice what I preach.

If it wasn't for the kind words of a very close friend, who read a piece of the WBDD just the night before writing this telling me how these will help people and the inspiration of the WBDD, I knew I had the support to get through it. The first realization I had when I was thinking about when we're eliminating excuses is that we often feel alone and feel that people don't honestly care about us, what we say, or what we do, so we choose to be alone, not talk to others and to now show up. When in reality, we are NOT alone; ever we always have our sense of self-love, we have our friends, family, and kids, and those we have chosen to have in our lives are there for us; they do care for us if they didn't they wouldn't have stuck around this long. Don't give up on yourself because you bring value to this world you are in and are worth your weight in gold to those who genuinely care about you.

Going back to blueprinting and brainstorming the WBDD, I had so much support from my brother, my mates, and my fantastic friend I mentioned earlier; I had so many people supporting me in writing these pieces. That led me to my second realization; I have a support system, you have a support system, we all have a support system; it could be one key person, it could be work friends, it could be family, it could be friends from your childhood at different points. Honestly, it doesn't matter because it's there. You have to realize it's there for you. However, as part of this, you have to be willing to trust, rely on people and open up to people when you need that support. No more excuses; if you're struggling, call your mates, lean on your support system, and start making those steps.

Retake it from the divorced guy; take it from the man that didn't do these things. Take it from Brad and Brig, who were guests on the podcast and co-hosts the Baseball 2gether podcast, as examples of people currently doing this. The best way to eliminate excuses in your relationship and with your partner is to commit to being a team. Teammates, don't make excuses for why they didn't win the game. They don't make excuses for poor performances. They take ownership and offer support, love, and a sense of belonging to their teammates. They smack each other on the butt, lift their chins when they fail, are through adversity, and communicate about all things, big or small.

Lastly, realize that you must commit to being the best teammate. You have to commit to yourself to be the best teammate your partner could have, your kids could have on their teams, and the best teammate your family and friends have on their teams. Each area looks a little different, but each has the common themes of love, respect, communication, positivity, acceptance, non-judgment, and a unique bond.

Eliminate the excuses of why you can't be the best teammate to all these people by questioning why you can't. Why not you? Why can't you do all these things? You give them freely already; why can't you significantly add a couple more layers if that improves the situation? Remember you have the support; you have the people there for you, use them rely on them, and start eliminating the excuses one by one and slowly to get to the end goal or whatever the excuses are keeping you from; it'll be more than worth it when you get through it all and end up on the other side of it all.

No more excuses; let's go!

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