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The COLDEST Expansion Talks

Welcome in today, ball boys and ball girls. It's great to be with you again with today's In My Opinion or Ball Boy Talk as it has become in time. Today, we are talking expansion cities, team names, and why that area makes sense for a team. Today's post is brought to you by THE COLDEST Water, a water bottle, which was voted 2020's best water bottle. The Coldest Water bottle hits different. I use this thing daily; temps in eastern Washington have been 90-110 all summer, and I leave my bottle in the car all the time. No matter how long I leave it, I come back to ICE COLD water. To get 36 hours of excellent cold beverage, click HERE and use code BALLBOY10 to save 10% off your purchase today!

That's enough of the business; let's jump into today's expansion talks.

City: Jackson, Mississippi

Team: Catfish, River Cats, or my favorite Blues

Why?: I think the south needs more baseball for starters. I think Mississippi has excellent fans that will support their teams in a heartbeat. Jackson is far enough away from other major sports so that baseball can thrive, but all get support from surrounding southern states. Also, imagine the food you could get at a Mississippi Blues game. Also, the name The Blues makes you start hearing some smooth Jazz and sweet southern Blues music being played outside the park. A Mississippi Blues game sounds like one of the most relaxing, chill, and delicious games one could ever go to.

City: Raliegh, North Carolina

Team: Oaks

Why?: Raliegh would be a fantastic East Coast addition/Southern addition to baseball. With the fantastic fan-ship we see with College Basketball in Raliegh, baseball makes sense here in this market. Imagine a modern ballpark packed with delicious smells of BBQ overflowing from the stadium as you drive miles away off the freeway. We were sitting next to some of the friendliest people drinking Cheerwine and top-notch beer. The humidity might get to you, but the company and hospitality and fun that is Raliegh NC have me sold. Also, the name of the Oak's is great because of the rich Oak trees that Raliegh is lined with and that would surround this stadium.

City: Portland, Oregon

Team: Pennies, Volcanos, Rosebuds, Bubblers

Why?: Okay, so what you may think initially of Portland is that it is too crowded of a metro city. Valid to an extent. However, it's far enough away from Seattle not to interfere with the Mariners. It also takes a little away from the FOUR California teams. The PNW is thin of sports, and we want more to root for and more to get involved. Portland is an excellent destination for players and people alike to enjoy a metro, city experience with plenty of adjacent cities to take advantage of and have fun in. I am a big fan of the Portland Pennies because of the famous Coin Flip that decided the city's name. The other names, Volcanos- Portland is located near 1/2 dormant volcanoes, Rosebuds for the vast rose garden in Portland, and it's brand from the cities first Hockey team. Lastly, Bubblers for all the water fountains in the city.

City: Las Vegas, Nevada

Team: Gamblers, Bucks(Money), Athletics(Kidding)

Why?: I mean, it's Vegas, and they just barely got the Raiders within the last couple of years. Vegas and surrounding areas are booming, and there is room, people, and money to sustain an MLB team in Vegas. Food, Gambling, the Strip, hotels, and so much to do. Vegas is a no-brainer.

City: Nashville, Tennessee

Team: Clusters, GooGoos, Eye Dogs, Hot Chickens

Why?: Nashville was in the works with Dave Dombrowski and the team in landing an MLB franchise in Nashville. However, COVID blew that up, and Dombrowski is now the Phillies GM on the verge of making the playoffs. I'm pretty sure that the National Anthem at the park every night would be a full-on concert and be Sports Center top-10 worthy. Thinking about Nashville, I have never heard of anyone leaving Nashville and moving away, nor have I ever heard of someone visiting and not LOVING it. Can any of my readers from here confirm? Let's picture this Hot Chicken, fantastic music, and just a fun city to be a tourist. Yup, I am sold. Book Nashville. The names Clusters and GooGoos are for the famous candy. Eye Dogs for Nashville, the foundation for seeing-eye dogs, and Hot Chickens are a food reference to Prince.

Wow! That was a ton of fun to write. I don't know about you, but I am HUNGRY now and want to fly to the south to all of these cities and start eating. Thanks again for reading guys, don't forget to go and get you The Coldest Water bottle today and save 10% with code BALLBOY10 at checkout.

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