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"RAZE" to the Playoffs(Predictions)

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Enough of the business; let's jump into my playoff predictions for the AL. All records are as of the End of Day 8/10.

Division Standings: AL East

  1. Tampa Bay Rays (69-44)

    1. Final Projection: 95-67

      1. Division Winner, 3 Seed

    2. July Projection: 94-68

    3. June Projection: 94-68

    4. May Projection: 80-82

    5. April Prediction: 94-68

  2. Boston Red Sox(65-50)

    1. Final Projection: 94-68

      1. AL Wildcard 2

    2. July Projection: 90-72

    3. June Projection: 92-70

    4. May Projection: 92-70

    5. April Prediction: 80-82

  3. NY Yankees(62-51)

    1. Final Projection: 90-72

    2. July Projection: 84-78

    3. June Projection: 82-80

    4. May Projection: 85-77

    5. April Prediction: 88-74

  4. Toronto Blue Jays(61-51))

    1. Final Projection: 86-78

    2. July Projection: 88-76

    3. June Projection: 87-75

    4. May projection: 90-72

    5. April Prediction: 90-72

  5. Baltimore Orioles(38-73)

    1. Final Projections: 62-100

    2. July Projections: 60-102

    3. June Projection: 65-97

    4. May Projection 70-92

    5. April Prediction: 60-102

Division Standings: AL Central

  1. Chicago White Sox(67-47)

    1. Final Projection: 101-61

      1. One seed

    2. July Projection: 99-63

    3. June Projection: 98-64

    4. May Projection: 95-67

    5. April Prediction: 95-67 and

  2. Cleveland Indians(55-56)

    1. Final Projection:82-80

    2. July Projection: 75-77

    3. June Projection: 80-82

    4. May Projection: 85-77

    5. April Prediction: 85-77

  3. Detroit Tigers(55-60)

    1. Final Projection: 75-77

    2. July Projection: 65-97

    3. June Projection: 60-102

    4. May Projection: 55-107

    5. April Prediction: 61-101

  4. Kansas City Royals(49-63))

    1. Final Projection:75-77

    2. July Projection: 81-81

    3. June Projection: 82-80

    4. May Projection: 87-75

    5. April Prediction: 70-92

  5. Minnesota Twins:(49-65))

    1. Final Projection:70-92

    2. July Projection: 80-82

    3. June Projection: 81-81

    4. May Projection: 85-77

    5. April Prediction: 92-70

Division Standings: AL West

  1. Houston Astros(67-46)

    1. Final Projection: 96-66

      1. Division Winner + 2 seed

    2. July Projection: 95-67

    3. June Projection: 92-70

    4. May Projection: 87-75

    5. April Prediction: 85-77

  2. Oakland A's(65-48)

    1. Final Projection: 95-67

      1. Wildcard 1

    2. July Projection: 92-70

    3. June Projection: 90-72

    4. May Projection:95-67

    5. April Prediction: 94-68

  3. Seattle Mariners(59-55)

    1. Final Projection: 86-76

    2. July Projection: 87-75

    3. June Projection: 85-77

    4. May Projection: 81-81

    5. April Prediction: 88-74

  4. LA Angels(57-57)

    1. Final Projection: 81-81

    2. July Projection: 84-78

    3. June Projection: 83-79

    4. May Projection: 80-82

    5. April Projection: 91-71

  5. Texas Rangers

    1. Final Projection: 55-107

    2. July Projection 60-102

    3. June Projection 60-102

    4. May Projection: 60-102

    5. April Prediction: 60-102

ALWCS: The Wildcard is going to be a 1-game play-in, as we have seen traditionally. In this ALWCS, we will see the Oakland A's (4) V the Boston Red Sox(5) excellent matchup. I would fully expect to see Sean Manea v Chris Sale in this matchup while both teams are good. Bob Melvin is one of the most excellent game managers we have seen, he has a great pen and a great mind to win games. Oakland advances.

ALDS: In round two, we will see the 1-seed Chicago White Sox vs. the wildcard winning Oakland A's. The ALDS is a five-game series in which both teams usually go with a 3-man rotation. I love the Oakland A's, and if they didn't have to match up against the White Sox, I would advance them quickly. However, the White Sox has too many bats and too good of a pen. White Sox in 4.

-The second matchup in the ALDS will see the 2-seed Houston Astros vs. the 3-seed Tampa Bay Rays. I think this is a fantastic matchup on paper. The Astros have a great offense but minor pitching. At the same time, the Rays have all the pitching and depth and probably the year's manager again in Kevin Cash. Rays in 5.

ALCS: The ALCS is the best of seven.

We will see the 3-seed Tampa Bay Rays v the 1-seed Chicago White Sox. Let's break down this matchup just a little deeper.

Rotation- Tampa Bay

Bull Pen- White Sox

Defense- Tampa Bay

Outfielders- White Sox

Infielders- Tampa Bay

Difference Makers: The difference for the Ray's is Kevin Cash and how well he plays games and how he manipulates his lineup and his personnel on a game-game basis. The difference for the White Sox is Tony La Russa and how he plays coming off a five-game series. I don't think the White Sox have enough starting pitching to truly get them past the scrappy Rays, which is why I think the Rays can take this series in 6 and advance yet again to the World Series.

Thanks for reading today, I am so grateful for your time reading, and I hope you enjoyed my latest Playoff Prediction. I also want to thank my partners over at Repp Sports for RAZE Energy. Thanks to this clean and sufficient energy, I can have the intense focus to deliver content to you guys consistently. Click here to save 15% right now with the code "BALL BOY" at check out.

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