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RAZE to the Playoffs(NL Predictions)

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Enough of the business; let's jump into my playoff predictions for the NL. All records are as of the End of Day 8/10.

Division Standings: West

  1. SF Giants: (72-41)

    1. Final Projection: 100-62(1)

    2. July Projection: 95-67

    3. June Projection: 90-72

    4. May Projection 89-75

    5. April Projection: 82-80

  2. LA Dodgers: (68-45)

    1. Final Projection: 98-64(4)

    2. July Projection: 97-65

    3. June Projection: 100-62

    4. May Projection 102-60(1)

    5. April Projection: 105-57 (1)

  3. SD Padres: (66-49)

    1. Final Projection: 95-67(5)

    2. July Projection: 96-66

    3. June Projection: 97-65

    4. May Projection: 98-64(4)

    5. April Projection:102-60(4)

  4. Colorado Rockies: (51-62)

    1. Final Projection: 70-92

    2. July Projection: 65-97

    3. June Projection: 65-97

    4. May Projection: 62-100

    5. April Projection: 70-92

  5. Arizona D-Backs: (35-79)

    1. Final Projection: 50-112

    2. July Projection: 70-92

    3. June Projection: 81-81

    4. May Projection: 84-88

    5. April Projection: 65-97

Division Standing Prediction: Cental

  1. Milwaukee Brewers: (68-46)

    1. Final Projection: 93-69 (3)

    2. July Projection: 92-70

    3. June Projection: 90-72

    4. May Projection: 88-74

    5. April Projection: 81-81

  2. Cincinnati Reds: (61-53))

    1. Final Projection: 87-75

    2. July Projection: 88-74

    3. June Projection: 85-77

    4. May Projection: 84-78

    5. April Projection: 83-79

  3. St Louis Cardinals: (56-56)

    1. Final Projection: 81-81

    2. July Projection: 82-80

    3. June Projection: 85-77

    4. May Projection: 95-67(2)

    5. April Projection: 97-65(3)

  4. Chicago Cubs: (52-63)

    1. Final Projection: 70-92

    2. July Projection: 81-81

    3. June Projection: 84-78

    4. May Projection: 85-77

    5. April Projection: 95-67

  5. Pittsburg Pirates: (41-72)

    1. Final Projection: 57-105

    2. July Projection: 50-112

    3. June Projection: 55-107

    4. May Projection: 55-107

    5. April Projection: 50-112

Division Standings: East

  1. Philadelphia Phillies: (59-54)

    1. Final Projection: 92-70(4)

    2. July Projection: 90-72

    3. June Projection: 88-84

    4. May Projection: 90-72

    5. April Projection: 93-69

  2. Atlanta Braves: (58-55)

    1. Final Projection: 88-74

    2. July Projection: 81-81

    3. June Projection: 85-77

    4. May Projection: 88-74

    5. April Projection: 102-60(2)

  3. NY Mets: (56-55))

    1. Final Projection: 85-79

    2. July Projection: 87-75

    3. June Projection: 88-74

    4. May Projection: 92-70(5)

    5. April Projection: 90-72

  4. Washington Nationals: (50-62)

    1. Final Projection: 62-100

    2. July Projection: 70-92

    3. June Projection: 75-87

    4. May Projection: 83-79

    5. April Projection: 96-66(5)

  5. Miami Marlins: (47-67)

    1. Final Projection: 60-102

    2. July Projection: 70-92

    3. June Projection: 80-82

    4. May Projection: 85-77

    5. April Projection: 85-77

NLWCS: The Wildcard is going to be a 1-game play-in, as we have seen traditionally. In this NLWCS, we will see the 4-seed LA Dodgers vs. the 5-seed SD Padres. I honestly don't know if Max Scherzer or Clayton Kershaw would take the mound for the Dodgers. The Padres will likely throw Snell or Darvish. This game will be a lot of fun to watch, and I ultimately think the Dodgers have a slightly more talented team, but Fernando Tatis Jr. could win this game on his own. I am giving this 1-game play-in to the LA Dodgers.

NLDS: In round-2 of the NL playoffs, we will see two 5- game series. The 1-seed vs. the winner of the wildcard. The other series will be the 2-seed vs. the 3-seed.

For the first series of the NLDS, we will see the 1-seed SF Giants taking on the WC Winning LA Dodgers. These two teams are a fun matchup because of how well these two teams line up. The pitching on both sides is top-notch defenses and great offenses. However, I think the edge here lies with the Giants and their game caller Buster Posey behind the plate. When you have one of the best to do it, who has won 3 rings, I have to give this round to the Giants in 4.

We will see the 2-seed Milwaukee Brewers taking on the 3-seed Philadelphia Phillies for the second series of the NLDS. The starting pitching is the focus in this series; both teams have a tier ONE rotation for a five-game series. Both teams also have a MEGA-star OF in Bryce Harper and Christian Yelich. However, the Brewers have more heart and a better team and depth to win, which is why I give this series to the Brewers in 4.


We will see the SF Giants going against Milwaulkee Brewers in a best of seven for the NL pennant. Let's break down the positions and who I think has the advantages and where.

Rotation- Brewers

Bull Pen- Giants

Defense- Giants

Outfielders- Brewers

Infielders- Tied

Difference Makers-The Biggest difference-maker for the Giants is Buster Posey. The biggest difference-maker for the Brewers is Cristian Yelich. Can Posey call some fantastic games? Yes! Will Yelich finally be the hero we have all been waiting for? Yes!

Overall, the rotation of the Brewers has three legit Cy Young candidates, in my opinion. The Giants are one of the best managed and veteran-savvy teams in all of baseball. Neither team will take a pitch off. I have to give the odd-year bias to the Giants as they advance in 7 to play the Tampa Bay Rays.

Thanks for reading today, I am so grateful for your time reading, and I hope you enjoyed my first Playoff Prediction. I also want to thank my partners over at Repp Sports for RAZE Energy. Thanks to this clean and sufficient energy, I can have the intense focus to deliver content to you guys consistently. Click here to save 15% right now with the code "BALL BOY" at check out.

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