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Prospect Breakdown- INF Denzer Guzman

As the 2024 season begins, the Tri-City Dust Devil's roster has 8 of the top 30 prospects according to the MLB Pipeline rankings. Let's examine each player according to their ranking in the system. 

Denzer Guzman : A Rising Star in the Infield

As the 2024 season unfolds, Denzer Guzman emerges as a beacon of talent for the Tri-City Dust Devils. He boasts a prestigious sixth rank on MLB's list of prospects for the organization. This middle infielder from the Dominican Republic has shown exceptional prowess in the game, a testament to his dedication and skill.

In 2023, while playing for Single-A Inland Empire, Guzman's performance was nothing short of spectacular. Over 111 games, he led the 66ers with 21 doubles and secured his position as the third-highest in hits, amassing 102. This remarkable achievement underscores his ability to find gaps and precisely drive the ball, making him a key player to watch.

Guzman's journey from the Dominican Republic to becoming a standout player in Single-A highlights his remarkable progression and adaptability. As he dons the Dust Devils uniform, his track record of leading doubles and significant hit tallies speaks volumes about his potential impact on the field. With an eye for the game and a bat that speaks, Denzer Guzman is poised for great strides in the 2024 season.


Performance Metrics

  • Batting Average (BA): Guzman's batting average improved from .213 in his first season to .278 in his second season, showing a significant development in his ability to hit the ball. However, there was a decrease to .239 in 2023, which might suggest an adjustment period to stricter competition in Class A.

  • On-base Percentage (OBP): His OBP started at .311 and peaked at .346 in 2022 before dipping to .309 in 2023. The OBP is critical as it shows his ability to get on base, which is fundamental for creating scoring opportunities.

  • Slugging Percentage (SLG) and OPS: Guzman showed a gradual increase in power, as evidenced by SLG, with a peak in the Rookie League (.422) before adjusting to .371 in Class A. His OPS (On-base Plus Slugging) followed a similar trend, peaking in Rookie League (.763) and adjusting in Class A (.680).

  • Home Runs, Doubles, and Triples: A progressive increase in extra-base hits indicates developing power. With 13 home runs over three seasons and an increasing number of doubles and triples, Guzman is showing potential as a hitter with power.


  • Speed and Base Running: With 23 stolen bases across three seasons, Guzman demonstrates good speed and base-running instincts.

  • Extra-Base Hits: His ability to hit doubles and triples suggests the potential for power development.

Areas for Improvement

  • Strikeouts (SO): With 209 strikeouts across three seasons and a notable increase at higher levels, reducing strikeouts could significantly improve his OBP and overall batting effectiveness.

  • Consistency: While Guzman has shown flashes of excellence, achieving consistent performance across seasons, especially as he faces more challenging competition, will be crucial to his development.

Split Performance

  • Versus Older Pitchers: Most of his at-bats were against older pitchers, and maintaining a nearly consistent performance suggests resilience and adaptability.

  • Home vs. Away: Guzman performs slightly better at home (.260 BA home vs. .224 away), which is typical for many players but indicates room for improvement in away games.


Denzer Guzman is a young player with promising potential, demonstrated by his ability to progress through levels and adapt to challenges. His speed on the base paths and capacity for extra-base hits highlight his offensive potential. To maximize his impact, focusing on reducing strikeouts and improving consistency, especially in away games and against older, more experienced pitching, will be crucial. As he gains more experience and adjusts to higher levels of competition, Guzman's performance metrics will likely continue evolving, making him a valuable asset to the organization. 

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