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Playoff Prediction: World Series (April)

We are just a few days into the season, and over the last couple of days, I gave you my playoff predictions; now it's time to take both of those teams and predict my World Series outcome. Yesterday we read about the Dodgers winning the NL, while two days ago, we read about the White Sox winning the AL. These predictions will come out monthly, around the beginning of the month for the rest of the season. So please sit back, relax, grab a drink(soda, water, a beer you choose), and let's enjoy the season.

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NL Winner: Dodgers

The Dodgers are coming out of the NL after beating the Nationals in 5 in the NLDS. The Dodgers then went toe-to-toe with the Cardinals winning in a dramatic game seven over Yadi and the Cardinals. I am predicting that Yadi and Waino announce their official retirements after the NLCS.

4 Man Rotation:

The Dodgers will most likely go with a four-person rotation but could quickly go with Bauer, Kershaw, Buehler, Bauer, Price, and Urias. If the series goes to 6 games, it goes to 7; go with Kershaw or Bauer again in game 7.


The Dodgers MVP is going to be either Trevor Bauer or Mookie Betts. The two highest-paid players will have to lead this team enough to win back-back rings.

X-Factor: I think that a strong rebound season for Cody Bellinger on the horizon. While Corey Seager is playing for a massive contract extension, both can help themselves contract time by being a difference-maker in the World Series.

Unlikely Hero: I have two players who can be an unlikely hero, Gavin Lux or Chris Taylor can give the Dodgers a sense of depth and completion to their lineup to get over the hump on any given day.

AL Winner: White Sox

The White Sox made it to the World Series after spring training calls that it was World Series or bust for the Chi Sox. They made it after beating the LA Angels in four games. They then beat the Oaklands A's in six games during the ALCS and advanced to the World Series. With 95 wins on the season and a World Series appearances, it's safe to say the Tony La Russa did his job to get here, and now he needs to finish it off. Will the moment and pressure be too much for Giolitto, Roberts, and Jimenez, or will they handle it like seasoned vets going again the champs.

4 Man Rotation: I would assume the White Sox to deploy their pitching in the order of Giolitto, Keuchel, Lynn, and possibly Cease. However, I think they will upgrade the four spots during the season. If the series goes seven, I think game four goes to Rodon and the Kpech possibly. I think they follow that up with Giolitto, Keuchel, Lynn once again to end the series. I can easily see the Kechel and Lynn switched because of the experience Keuchel has.

MVP: Jose Abreu won the MVP in 2020; he could be a contender yet again 2021. If the White Sox win, it will be because of his bat in big moments coming through for them.

X-Factor: Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert are the difference makers for the White Sox. If they can hold down the OF at a high level and help keep runs off the board and make spectacular plays during the series, the Dodgers face an uphill battle. If either of them can run for a run with Betts and Bellinger, the White Sox will be in business.

Unlikely Hero: Adam Eaton. You think of Eaton, and you think of the old dog on the White Sox. You are right to think that as he is the old dog on the team. Eaton, however, played on the 2019 World Series Nationals. In the series, Eaton slashed .320/.433./.560, and in the NLDS, he was able to notch a .381OBP against the Dodgers.

Who wins and why?

When it comes to the playoffs, no one is better than the Dodgers and with their high-powered offense, and how they will more than likely buy runs during the season to get an advantage. I got to give it to the Dodgers in 7. I think the White Sox will put up one heck of a fight and show that they belong. The Dodgers have too many playoff experiences and World Series experience to let it go to the young, up-and-coming White Sox. The final prediction here in April is Dodgers in 7.

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