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Parenting with Magic: Insights from Harry the Gorillagician on Young Dad Podcast

In this episode of the Young Dad Podcast, Jay interviews Harry the Gorillagician. They discuss the unique challenges of parenting a child with special needs, the importance of mental health, and creating memorable bonding moments with children.

Here's an image capturing the essence of the podcast episode where Jey interviews Harry the Gorillagician, a gorilla magician who is also a dad. The scene is set in a podcast studio with elements representing parenting a child with special needs, mental health, and supportive parenting in sports. The atmosphere is warm, inviting, and slightly whimsical, highlighting magic tricks, support, and joy in parenting.


Welcome to Episode 131 of the Young Dad Podcast! In this enchanting episode, host Jay sits down with Harry the Gorillagician, a gorilla performing magic and a dedicated father to a son with Angelman syndrome. Together, they explore the unique joys and challenges of raising a child with special needs, the critical importance of mental health, and the value of support and understanding from others. This conversation blends heartfelt insights and magical moments, offering valuable lessons for all parents.

Harry's Unique Journey

Harry the Gorillagician shares his fascinating journey from being a magical performer to a dedicated father. His son, who has Angelman syndrome, has inspired Harry to advocate for children with special needs and their families. Harry emphasizes that while the journey is challenging, it is filled with joy and growth.

The Importance of Mental Health

Mental health is a significant theme in this episode. Both Jay and Harry stress the importance of mental health for everyone, including parents and children. Harry discusses the necessity of self-care for parents, especially when caring for a child with special needs. He highlights that maintaining mental health is crucial for providing the best care and support for one's children.

Support and Understanding

Jay and Harry discuss the importance of understanding and support from others. They discuss how communities and networks can provide essential support for parents of children with special needs. Harry shares personal experiences of how support from friends, family, and strangers has made a difference in his parenting journey.

Setting High Expectations

The conversation touches on the role of high expectations in parenting. Harry believes setting high standards helps children overcome challenges and achieve their potential. He encourages parents to have faith in their children's abilities and to support them in reaching their goals.

Enjoying the Learning Process

One of the highlights of this episode is the emphasis on enjoying the process of watching children learn and grow. Harry and Jay discuss the importance of being present and engaged in children's lives, celebrating small achievements, and creating memorable experiences.

The Role of Parents in Children's Sports

Harry and Jay also talk about the significance of being a coach and a supportive parent in children's sports activities. They highlight how sports can be an excellent way for children to learn teamwork, discipline, and resilience. Harry shares tips on how to be an encouraging and positive influence in children's athletic endeavors.

Challenges of Co-Parenting Across States

Raising a special needs child is challenging enough, but doing so across different states adds another layer of complexity. Harry discusses the difficulties of co-parenting his son from a distance and his strategies to stay involved and supportive.

Celebrating Accomplishments

Creating bonding moments and celebrating children's accomplishments are crucial aspects of parenting. Harry and Jay share personal stories of how they make these moments memorable. Celebrating achievements through small victories or significant milestones helps build a child's confidence and sense of worth.

Magic Tricks and Memorable Experiences

The episode concludes with fun magic tricks and advice on how parents can use magic to engage with their children. Harry demonstrates how simple magic tricks can create joy and wonder, making everyday moments magical and memorable.


  • Parenting a child with special needs comes with unique challenges and joys.

  • Mental health is essential for everyone, including children and parents.

  • Understanding and support from others are crucial for parents of children with special needs.

  • Setting high expectations for children can help them rise to the challenge and achieve more.

  • Parents should sit back, relax, and enjoy watching their children learn and grow.

  • Being a coach and a supportive parent in children's sports activities is essential for their development and bonding.

  • Parents should create bonding moments and celebrate their children's accomplishments.

  • Co-parenting and raising a special needs child in different states present unique challenges.

  • Setting high standards for children and instilling their true worth is crucial.

  • Magic tricks can be fun to engage with children and create memorable experiences.


Q: Who is Harry the Gorillagician? A: Harry the Gorillagician is a gorilla who performs magic and is a dedicated father to a son with Angelman syndrome.

Q: What is the focus of Episode 131 of the Young Dad Podcast? A: The episode focuses on the unique challenges and joys of parenting a child with special needs, mental health's importance, and high expectations' role in parenting.

Q: Why is mental health important for parents and children? A: Mental health is crucial for providing children with the best care and support. It helps parents maintain their well-being and be more effective in their parenting roles.

Q: How can parents create bonding moments with their children? A: Parents can create bonding moments by spending quality time together, celebrating accomplishments, and engaging in activities that create joy and wonder, such as magic tricks.

Thank you for joining us for this magical episode of the Young Dad Podcast. We hope Harry's insights inspire you to embrace the challenges and joys of parenting, prioritize mental health, and create memorable experiences with your children. Remember, every moment can be magical with the proper perspective.

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