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Overrated/Underrated: AL West Addition

WELCOME in ballboys and ballgirls; before we get into the overrated and underrated players of the AL West, I want to thank today's partner, RAZE Energy. If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Seriously, I am offering a 15% discount code to you to go and try the most UNDERRATED energy drink and pre-workout on the market. Click my link here, go to the Raze Energy page and use the code "BALLBOY" at checkout.

That's enough of the business; let's jump in. When it comes to the overrated players, there are a few things I looked at name value, underperformance, not meeting expectations, or just being plain wrong and overpaid. For the underrated, these are guys on their teams who you probably know but don't know their impact on the team. As always, the posts' comments are open for you to comment on your thoughts and opinions as these are mine.

  1. Astros:

    1. Overrated: The Astros have such a good team when you look at stats and compare the players to what they are doing and recency bias and account in the whole team. However, one pitcher that stands out for me that I have never thought overly highly of is Jake Odorizzi. Why he got paid so much and was so sought after is beyond me.

    2. Underrated: When you look at the Astros Roster, you are like, what the heck. I wouldn't say I like this team. How are they so good? Well, one guy is the catalyst for this team, and it's not Jose Altuve or Carlos Correa. It's Michael Brantley. He got a big bag of money this off-season to fill George Springer's shoes in the lineup, and he has done that. Brantly has always carried an above league average slash line. He doesn't hit for much power, but he gets on base and leads his team as a veteran.

  2. Angels:

    1. Overrated: This one was easy, OF Justin Upton. He has done nothing the last few seasons to help the Halo's be better and has ultimately filled a roster because of poor performance; no one wants him. He is overpaid and past his prime and doesn't help the Angels in any way.

    2. Underrated: The Angels have one guy that we often forget about. But he plays excellent defense at 2B/3B and leads the team in hits. That man in David Fletcher. Fletcher is right behind Ohtani in terms of WAR and is usually right behind Trout. We don't appreciate Fletcher enough for his tone-setting atop the Angels lineup.

  3. Athletics:

    1. Overrated: I did have to stretch a bit for the A's as they have solid players up and down the roster. But I would say that Sean Manea hasn't lived up to expectations and is, therefore, overrated.

    2. Underrated: There are the two Matt's who we all know run this lineup and control the diamond and the locker room for the A's. Matt Olsen and Matt Chapman. But there is one more player whose name starts with an M, and that's Mark Canha. Canha has been on the A's for a few seasons now, and I have always appreciated his contributions to this team. He is tied with Matt Chapman in terms of WAR behind Olson and is usually one of the best in daily lineups.

  4. Mariners:

    1. Overrated: I wish my beloved Mariners had a star big enough to call overrated. Many Mariners fans will think it's Kyle Seager, but it's not its C Tom Murphy. Murphy has been kept on the team over Mike Zunino, Omar Narvaez, who both would be helping the Mariners win at this point. But Murph has done little to nothing in his 70 games played this season.

    2. Underrated: Obviously, the guy you probably have heard of by now at least you should have is 1B/2B/3B Ty France. Who the team acquired in last years Austin Nola trade with the Padres. France has a beautiful swing, plays good defense, and leads the Mariners in WAR this season. France's ability to play all over the IF and his ability with the bat keep him in the lineup daily.

  5. Rangers:

    1. Overrated: I was high on OF David Dahl, and many thought that the Rockies let him go a wrong move. However, this season has proved many wrong and few right. Dahl is my overrated pick for the Rangers.

    2. Underrated: I have two guys I wanted to talk about for the Rangers here. OF Adolis Garcia has been impressive this season and gave the Rangers enough reason to be okay trading Gallo. Secondly is 1B Nate Lowe, who is an on-base machine. Both have solid futures ahead of them in Texas.

Thanks again, guys, for jumping on today. Feel free to leave a comment. Don't forget to head over to the My Deals page on the website for a few of the great deals I have available to you guys. Thanks for the support.

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