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Navigating Fatherhood: Insights from Michael of Dad Degree on the Young Dad Podcast

In this episode of the Young Dad Podcast, Jay interviews Michael, founder of Dad Degree. They explore the challenges of fatherhood, the importance of positive parenting, and the impact of being present and engaged in a child's life.

Here's an image capturing the essence of the podcast episode discussing fatherhood. It features two men, representing Jay and Michael, in a cozy podcast studio with symbols of fatherhood and elements of communication and support. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, emphasizing the importance of being present, engaged, and supportive in a child's life.


Welcome to Episode 130 of the Young Dad Podcast! In this enlightening episode, host Jay sits down with Michael, the founder of Dad Degree. Michael's platform is dedicated to providing guidance and fostering a sense of community for parents. They delve into Michael's fatherhood journey, the inspiration behind Dad Degree, and the vital aspects of parenting that help create meaningful and lasting memories with children. This conversation is packed with valuable insights for dads navigating the complexities of modern parenthood.

Michael's Journey and the Birth of Dad Degree

Michael shares the story behind Dad Degree, a platform born out of his desire to support other parents by sharing his experiences. His fatherhood journey had a challenging start due to his son's health issues, which motivated him to create a resource for other dads facing similar struggles. Michael emphasizes that fatherhood can be daunting, but having a support system and a sense of belonging can make a significant difference.

The Challenges Fathers Face

Jay and Michael discuss fathers' unique challenges, including societal expectations and the struggle to bond with their children. Many fathers feel isolated and unsure of their role, but Michael reassures them that these feelings are common and that bonding can take time. They highlight the importance of shedding light on these issues and having open, honest conversations about the realities of fatherhood.

The Power of Communication in Parenting

Communication is a recurring theme in this episode. Michael underscores positive communication and active listening as essential for building strong relationships with children. Jay and Michael discuss how difficult experiences can bring couples closer and strengthen their bonds. They advocate for clear, open dialogues in all relationships, particularly in the context of parenting.

Being Present and Engaged

One key takeaway from the conversation is the importance of being present and engaged in a child's life. Michael shares that spending quality time and creating meaningful experiences with children are far more valuable than any material possessions. Jay agrees, noting that the long-lasting impact of shared memories and moments cannot be overstated.

Parenting in the Digital Age

Navigating parenthood in today's society comes with its challenges, particularly with the pervasive influence of technology and social media. Jay and Michael discuss the importance of setting boundaries and having open conversations with children about these topics. They stress that understanding and guiding children through the digital landscape is crucial for their development and well-being.

Breaking Negative Cycles

Another significant point is breaking negative cycles and ending harmful patterns. Michael discusses the importance of reflecting on one's parenting style and making positive changes to create a loving and supportive environment for children. He emphasizes that by addressing and altering these patterns, parents can significantly impact their child's well-being and future.


  • Dad Degree: A platform that offers guidance and a sense of community for parents.

  • Fatherhood Challenges: Fatherhood can be difficult, and having support and a sense of belonging is crucial.

  • Bonding: Understanding that many fathers struggle with bonding with their children and that it's a shared experience that takes time.

  • Open Conversations: Discuss fathers' challenges and emotions to shed light on all aspects of fatherhood.

  • Positive Communication: Emphasizing the role of clear, open communication and active listening in building solid relationships.

  • Presence and Engagement: Highlighting the value of spending quality time and creating meaningful experiences with children.

  • Digital Boundaries: The necessity of setting boundaries and having open conversations about technology and social media with children.

  • Breaking Cycles: The importance of reflecting on and breaking negative parenting cycles to create a supportive environment.


Q: What is Dad's Degree? A: Dad Degree is a platform founded by Michael that provides guidance and a sense of community for parents, helping them navigate the challenges of fatherhood.

Q: Why is communication important in parenting? A: Positive communication and active listening are crucial for building strong bonds with children and fostering healthy relationships.

Q: How can fathers better bond with their children? A: Bonding can take time and often involves being present, engaged, and creating meaningful experiences together.

Q: What are some challenges of parenting in today's digital age? A: The influence of technology and social media can be significant, making it essential to set boundaries and have open conversations with children about these topics.

Q: Why is it essential to break negative parenting cycles? A: Breaking negative cycles and ending harmful patterns can create a loving and supportive environment, significantly impacting a child's well-being and future.

Thank you for joining us for this episode of the Young Dad Podcast. We hope Michael's insights inspire you to engage more deeply with your children, communicate openly, and create lasting memories. Remember, the fatherhood journey is unique for everyone, but having a support system and being present can make all the difference.

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