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Navigating Fatherhood and Divorce: Insights from Episode 116 of the Podcast with Dan from Daddy Issues

Updated: May 30

In Episode 116, Dan from the Daddy Issues podcast shares his personal journey as a father, discussing the nuances of divorce, custody battles, and the broader implications on men's mental health.

Here is the image for the podcast episode featuring Jay and Dan from the Daddy Issues podcast. The scene captures their serious conversation about the challenges of fatherhood, set in a podcast studio with elements that reflect the deep themes they discuss, including the impact of social media and the complexities of the family court system.
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In this insightful episode of the podcast, Jay interviews Dan, the host of the Daddy Issues podcast, exploring the complex landscape of modern fatherhood amidst the challenges of divorce and custody battles. Their discussion provides a deep dive into the personal and systemic struggles that many men face, highlighting the importance of mental health awareness, community support, and equitable legal frameworks.

Challenges of Fatherhood:

Dan begins by sharing the everyday challenges fathers encounter, from the pressure to meet societal expectations to the personal emotional and mental toll. He emphasizes how these challenges are often intensified by a lack of understanding and support for men's emotional well-being.

Impact of Divorce on Men's Mental Health:

The conversation turns to the significant impact of divorce on men's mental health. Dan discusses the disturbingly high rates of suicide among divorced men and stresses the need for greater support systems to help men navigate these tumultuous times without losing hope or connection.

Influence of Social Media on Relationships:

Dan and Jay explore how social media and dating apps have changed the dynamics of relationships, often adding strains that can lead to marital discord. They discuss the importance of open communication and boundaries when dealing with social media influences in a relationship.

Biases in the Family Court System:

A critical part of their discussion focuses on the biases within the family court system that often disadvantage fathers, particularly in matters of custody and parenting time. Dan advocates for systemic reforms that promote fairness and justice, ensuring that fathers have equal opportunities to maintain strong relationships with their children post-divorce.

The Power of Forgiveness and Moving Forward:

Moving to a more personal aspect, Dan talks about the power of forgiveness in the healing process. He shares how forgiving and letting go of bitterness has helped him move forward and focus on building a positive future for himself and his children.

Finding Support and Building Community:

Dan highlights the importance of support and community for fathers undergoing similar challenges. He points out how sharing experiences through platforms like podcasts can provide both comfort and practical advice, helping men to feel less isolated and more empowered to handle their situations.


Episode 116 wraps up with a powerful message about the need for change—both personally and systemically. Dan and Jay encourage listeners to seek support, engage in meaningful conversations, and advocate for legal and societal reforms that recognize and support the roles of fathers in their children's lives.

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