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Mid-June Power Rankings

We are a little more than halfway through June, and we are -100 games left to play in this 2022 season. While sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight to Arizona to celebrate Fathers Day with my dad and likely an Arizona Diamondbacks game, what better time than now to drop our newer MLB The Show tier-based power rankings.

Imagine you, the reader, are playing MLB The Show, and you are playing like the worst team in baseball currently: The Oakland A's, who are being mocked as a non-competitive team by the entire MLB and have basically put a high-end AAA team on the field, but not quite an AAAA team.

To remind the level in MLB The Show: Beginner, Rookie, Veteran, All-Star, Legend. Five tiers, 30 teams, 6 per tier! LET'S GO!

Beginner: Athletics, Royals, Tigers, Orioles, Nationals, Cubs

Rookie: Angels, Mariners, Reds, Pirates, D-Backs, Rockies

Veteran: Giants, Rays, Red Sox, Marlins, Rangers, White Sox

All-Star: Twins, Guardians, Cardinals, Dodgers, Blue Jays, Brewers

Legend: Yankees, Mets, Padres, Braves, Phillies, Astros

That's all! Happy Fathers Day!

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Time to board!

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