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Let's Talk: Parenting Struggles



Welcome to another fantastic episode of the Young Dad Podcast x Let's Talk with your host of the half-hour, Jey. On the show today, we got a good one. Jey plays some Holiday This-or-That with you guys, and he truly wants to know your choices. Holiday opinions are important to us! Next, we get into five widespread struggles of being a parent. These range from the many hats you wear to failure and feeling like you're not doing well. Thank you all so much for listening; we genuinely appreciate the support we get from each of you. You make this Podcast possible; you make it a reality for us, and you are the best. We love you! Until next week! Follow us @youngdadpod on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and wherever you get your Podcast. You can find us on our website at or, or All take you to the same place! Remember to hit our linktree for all our holiday deals: Check out my new video! Listen to the full podcast here

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Transcript: Jey (00:07.804) Yes, our Live in the Studio audience is so excited you guys are here. Welcome into another episode of the Young Dad Podcast. I'm Jay and joining me today are the hosts of t