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Let's Talk: New Year and New Dad Advice

Welcome to the Young Dad Podcast; we hope you are doing well today. We have a short Let's Talk with Jey today. Let's Talk is the "mini" version of the Young Dad Podcast, where we explore topics in a little more depth with Jey. Today on the show, Jey dives into some New Year This or That, and some of the answers may surprise you about him. While others will say, "yep, that sounds about right for Jey. I'm the same way." Next, every year we learn a lot about ourselves personally, as a partner, as a parent, and just about life in general. They do say, "another year older, another year wiser." Jey drops some of the things he learned about himself as a partner and what he learned about life in 2022. Lastly, Jey drops some New Dad advice, which, honestly, the first-hand perspective is something better than what isn't written in any book since there are no books for new dads. Jey's most significant advice is to be present, be active, and be patient with yourself. You got this! We will be back in 2023 with new guests, new perspectives, and the same love and excitement to be with you every week. Have a happy and safe New Year. Follow us @youngdadpod on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and wherever you get your Podcast. You can find us on our website at or, or All take you to the same place! Remember to hit our linktree for all ways to support the show:

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