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Journal: Day 7 of Becoming More Intentional

Woah, one week down, and it's currently 538am, and I'm up extra early today; my body just woke up, and I have a podcast to record at around 630am. It's wild to think that I have been journaling for a week and am focused on becoming more intentional. So, what have I learned through this first week?

Journaling is a fantastic way to get your thoughts in order first thing in the morning, at night, or whenever you choose. I have had such a clearer mind for the day ahead after spending the 10 minutes in the morning to settle, gather, and get my thoughts out of my head.

The next thing is that it's genuinely working a muscle that, for me, is weak. Yes, I am a writer, but my writing muscle needed to be stronger as this was the first time I had consistently written at this level. For nearly a year, I have yet to dedicate the time, energy, or effort to doing any creative form of writing. I have been doing more academic writing and a lot of podcasting. Which, for me, is more challenging but also more accessible. I don't even know how to explain it. If I tried, it's because podcasting and academic writing muscles are far more vital now than my writing, so I have been leaning on those as a creative outlet.

Additionally, I have more creativity flowing into my brain, and I can act on my thoughts about anything creative with some reckless abandon. My other thoughts and actions are more accessible to act on as I know they come from a clear space. I have less worry and a lot more confidence in the things I do. My reaction time to questions is better, my retention is better, my understanding is improving, and I'm feeling more intentional in the short term in the things I think, say, and do.

The next is that the time spent is worth it to me. I am okay with waking up early to get this done or sacrificing 10 minutes. I'd be looking at my phone. It's so much better as I feel the clarity, and my writing, delivery, and written communication improve at work. My verbal communication, overall mindset, and outlook for the day are way more positive.

I have been fortunate to start this process while my kids were at their mom's for her week, and I will get them back tomorrow (Friday). I'm excited to see how I can apply my intentional mindset to my parenting as I have seen the early payoffs of being a more intentional man, fiance, and person.

It's now 549am, and it's time to wrap up for today.

Day seven marks a pinnacle in your intentional journey: you stand with a clear, focused gaze, embodying mental clarity and strength. Surrounded by symbols of clear skies and thriving nature, this image reflects the fortifying of your mental muscles. 🌳🧠🌞✨

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