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Journal: Day 6 of Becoming More Intentional

The only place my brain is today is that I'm happy I showered last night cause my morning has taken a turn, and not in the wrong way. It is currently 657am, and I overslept. I have to be at work in about an hour, which should tell you where I am right now.

Thinking about it today, waking up later than expected presents challenges and opportunities. I have to be absolutely more intentional about what I do this morning, how long I spend doing it, and how much time I give each thing. I am also faced with the challenge of rushing and getting into a rushed mindset or letting myself go with the flow.

I have that little voice in my head telling me to get moving, stop wasting time, that journaling isn't essential, and to focus on anything else but the few things I look forward to in the mornings.

The opportunities before me and the ways I get to apply to be more intentional are the same as the challenges. I get to control that urge to rush; I get to work on slowing down, taking the morning and the day as it comes.

A lot of the time, when I'm rushed in the morning, I'm rushing all day and in hyperdrive, leading to quick burnout. I don't want to burn out today, or any day for that matter. If I start that way at the top of my day, it carries into the rest, and I get easily distracted; I jump from one thing to the next rapidly without thinking. I go back and forth. I do relatively quickly and then get less done because I start too many things and leave a lot of ideas open; I remember that I need to finish, and then I'll be frustrated and less productive.

But, with journaling in the morning, I have felt myself having a clearer sense of thought process; I slow down, I appreciate more, I listen more, I feel that I'm going through life at my speed and life isn't kicking my butt by how fast it's going. I'm in control at every moment, in every choice, and have a better awareness. I can see how fast everyone else is trying to go and get to the next thing they must do while I'm just here, chilling, enjoying life, being grateful, present, and intentional.

It's 708am, and it's time to get the rest of the day going.


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On day six of your journey towards intentionality, find yourself in a serene state of relaxation: meditating under a tree, fully present and at peace. This image encapsulates the essence of enjoying life more, embracing each moment with mindfulness and tranquility. 🌳🧘‍♂️🍃✨

The figure embodies your journey into intentionality: seated in meditation under a tree, enveloped in calmness. This tranquil scene symbolizes your enhanced presence, enjoyment of life, and deepened mindfulness. 🌿🧘‍♂️🌄✨

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