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Journal: Day 30 of Becoming More Intentional

Day thirty is a significant milestone, depicted with you in an open field at sunrise, with a map and compass in hand. This image represents the commencement of a forward journey, now fully equipped with the knowledge, direction, and a vivid vision for what lies ahead.

I spent far too long on the podcast stuff trying to get episodes scheduled, moved, and set up for the next few weeks. I forgot I had the journal tab open in a different window.

Today should be an enjoyable day. I was driving out of town for a portion of the day, and my daughter got to participate in an event she was very excited about. I can't wait to see her play and do so so so so so good. We have to get going in an hour, and I have to pack a lunch, snack, and water and get ready for a long car ride. It's a good thing I am behind on my podcast listening.

Let's have a great day!

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