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Journal: Day 3 of Becoming more Loving

Day three of becoming more loving is captured with the tender act of holding a leaf, meticulously cut into a heart shape, basking in soft light. This represents the appreciation of life's nuances, fostering love and finding its manifestations in the minutiae of everyday existence.

I know, it's been a minute. I feel off of journaling so hardcore because, well, I switched my topic. I didn't have to be as intentional because I wasn't focused on being intentional.

But I have started on some new writing projects and am stuck, so let my fingers flow through the keyboard and see what happens next. I did post the prompt at the top of the post that aligns with the picture of today's post.

"Appreciation of life's Nuances," what does that mean? I embrace and genuinely have a love for those around me and appreciate all that life has for me. Like, life doesn't suck as bad as you're making it out to be. The things about life that make you want to say, "Man, life sucks right now." Is it all about life, the beauty, the air, or the point at which you woke up today? Does that all suck.

Do your kids wake up happy, smiling, or just waking up? Does that suck?

Do you wake up having a roof, food, clothes, clean water, and all your basic needs met- does that suck?

Does having a job that pays your bills, that feeds your family, that keeps gas in the car- does that suck?

When was the last time we took the chance, the time, and the energy to look up and around at all the amazing things the world offers us? The colors, the sun, the flowers, the animals, the smells, everything the world brings us.

Technology, buildings, construction, roads, cars, computers, phones, and every benefit that technology brings us.

I wouldn't say that any of that sucks, and it's all worth appreciating.

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