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Journal: Day 29 of Becoming More Intentional

I'm finally waking up and feeling like myself for the first time in nearly a week, which feels so lovely. I am finally up at 620am, journaling in silence and enjoying it, not at work and forcing it out.

I don't know what made the difference last night, but taking a shower before bed feels like it helped; going to bed at a decent time could have helped. Whatever my body and mind did today, I am grateful that I am feeling more me again.

Day twenty-nine finds you on a rooftop, peering through a telescope into the starlit sky. This moment captures your quest for broader perspectives, a deep dive into the mysteries of the universe, and your aspiration for a greater understanding of the world around you.

I agree with the image and the prompt, but I have narrowed my perspective this week to my perspective of not hearing outside voices and not allowing myself to be taught. I am just relying on myself to get through the week, which hasn't been easy and possibly added more to my already overfilled plate.

Thinking back to my parenting the last few days, it's been Dad's word of law, and there has been little to no wiggle room. I haven't been graceful and friendly enough but haven't been as kind as I would want them to be.

I want to understand myself better, which Is why I journal and reflect on myself to help me be better for those who rely on me for support. I am trying, and in the last few days, I wasn't trying that hard.

Today is a new day, tho.

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