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Journal: Day 24/25 of Becoming More Intentional

Day 24, I took today to be extra intentional and rest. Heck, it's 4 pm almost, and I've been in bed or on the couch for 90% of the day. Outside of 1 energy burst, I had to do the cleaning.

I'm lying in bed and feeling like I have nothing left in the tank. Like I showered and got dizzy. I'm probably sick and need to rest. But like inside my head, it says to keep going.

Keep moving and keep pushing when I need to stop pushing and chill out.

Happy Sunday, and cheers to feeling better tomorrow.

Day 25

Well, it's Monday, and I ended up laying in bed for the rest of the day yesterday and didn't get on my computer once to post that yesterday.

Deep breath, my neck feels stiffer than ever, I have more energy, I'm not coughing as much, and I feel very rested.

I don't have any thoughts today, and I don't have a lot going in my mind. Expect it'll be a to-do list and priorities kinda day, and get as much done as possible today. Try not to stress about the little stuff that is going on and try my best not to allow for too many distractions, honestly.

The goal is to stay focused and get the essential things done, let the rest stay till tomorrow, and just get as much done today as I can. I'm not Superman, and I'll get stuff done today; I'm just not going to push it for no reason.

Day twenty-four is a moment of reflection and foresight, with you on a bridge at sunrise, compass in hand, gazing over a tranquil river. This serene start to the day symbolizes your search for direction and the contemplative journey of living more intentionally.

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