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Journal: Day 21 of Becoming More Intentional

Wow, three weeks ago, three weeks of consistent self-care, self-love, self-reflection, having a creative outlet and preparing myself every day to be the best I can be for all of today.

I have felt myself taking myself, my daddy, my communication, and nearly all aspects of my life are a little better. I feel my cup is a bit fuller every day, taking this time to journal, write, express, let go, meditate, gather, settle, and just be me and discover new parts of myself, discover new parts of my mind, or not even discover reignite the creativity.

I am ready to embark on this journey and whatever it holds. I have been crafting my boat to journey down the river these last few weeks. I am ready to go deeper, explore things more, and get extra creative and expressive. I can navigate whatever currents are down the rivers as they come with daily preparation, as I have been doing.

I feel myself craving creativity again, having creative thoughts, different ideas, and different ways to express myself; I want to pick up a physical book, which I don't want to do normally. Some changes have been going on in my head since I have been journaling, and there are far too many to explain, but they are primarily favorable.

I am still determining what the future holds, but I hope there are many new opportunities to be creative.

Day twenty-one captures the essence of preparation and foresight as you craft a boat by a tranquil river at dawn. This scene symbolizes your readiness to embark on a more profound journey of self-discovery, thoughtfully navigating through life's currents.

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