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Journal: Day 16 of Becoming More Intentional

I woke up with a gnarly headache this morning, but we pushed on. Yesterday, my body gave me a clear and direct sign that I needed to slow down and take care of it. Around 2 pm, I got hit with lightheadedness, nausea, and dizziness; my vision was a little blurry, and a headache came on. I pushed through for another hour and a half, but it was wild.

I came home, rested for the rest of the night, and got a ton of catchup work done on the podcast cause Spotify got it together, and I was able to reclaim my account and get back to posting and working on all my stuff. I am disappointed that in June, they won't offer the recording and editing platform they do now. It will integrate over to Riverside, which I already use, but still. It isn't enjoyable. It's all good, though. However, we're back on Spotify and will not promote our Spotify links.

The growth on YouTube and a little bump over on Rumble were also pleasant surprises. Speaking of which, I have to get some episodes up over there.

I also need to go to the grocery store for Corn tortilla, Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese Crumbles, and Oil. I will make these taco things and am excited about bringing them to life for the Super Bowl. I have the chicken I need already. I'm a little sad; my fiance is sick, and she was going to make Chili this weekend...I think. I was looking forward to Chili from my Chili (IYKYK, a Bluey reference).

Also, I love my Chili (Fiance); she is so great. We talk for hours and laugh; she's my best friend. I'm grateful for her every minute of every day.

Okay, I did my time today. I am all over the place today, but the headache is fading, and I'm starting to get my thoughts together. I have an 8 am recording; I'm excited about that. I opened my March calendar for bookings, and we are off to the races for the 2nd half of the year with recordings.

For day sixteen, you find serenity and focus in a tranquil forest, embodying deep meditation. With its towering trees and gentle light, this setting symbolizes your journey toward inner peace, reflection, and a profound connection with nature.

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