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Journal: Day 11 of Becoming More Intentional

My alarm today was intentionally going off at 530am; however, it's about 625am, and I haven't been awake for an hour. Happy Monday! What a day it feels like it is going to be. It will take everything out of me physically, mentally, and emotionally today. I felt that when I finished praying. Today is going to be a max optimization day.

The cool thing about Mondays is that they feel like a blank slate, a clean start, a hard reset. Mix that with it being a new month and a favorable result of Groundhog Day last week. It feels like there is some new energy. I'm feeling a lot of that new energy coming my way as well; I want it, I need it, and heck, I deserve the best energy out there.

I had a great experience on Saturday at Walmart, and I parked next to a dad unloading his groceries; being the overly talkative guy I am, he told me. First, I didn't start the conversation, "They don't have any bags; I see you got kids, so I just wanted to let you know." Now, we chatted for a second. I told him he was doing a great job as a dad, and that caught him off guard; I hope it stuck with him. He was doing the shopping cause his wife was on bed rest. Overall, we don't know the impact of our kindness on others, but we can always be kind. Kindness is free to give.

Today, it is all about priorities and working efficiently. I'm not getting too distracted and staying as focused as possible today. I already have two co-workers out, and I don't want to make that mistake again; my brain is jumping all over the place on everything to get done today. I must make a list to remember everything and get everything I need done today.

Mix the work stuff with the girls having Awana tonight and Awana Olympics practice for Delilah. My goodness, tonight will end up being a long night overall. Not to mention, I will need some time to unwind, relax, and settle into the day and process. Regardless, I know no matter how busy I become, I will be guided and blessed by getting more than I can even think of doing.

Quick Accountability

One thing I did well yesterday was getting all the chores that needed to be done.

I could have done better by doing fewer chores and playing more with the girls.

Oldest daughter

One thing that she did well yesterday was help with some random extra tasks without having to be asked.

One thing that she could work on, well, I don't know, is that she had a fabulous day.

Youngest daughter

She did well-finding something non-screen related when it was time to be done with screens.

One thing she could do better is lie down for a nap at not 430pm.

638am, and it's time to continue the 5-8 before the 8-5.

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