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Journal: Day 10 of Becoming More Intentional


Today marks two days in a row where I was canceled at the last minute for the podcast. This is fine; I understand things come up, and people lose interest or don't want to connect further. I'm not the cup of tea for some people, and that's okay. I'm way okay with it.

When I have some people on, and they cancel, many better opportunities await. Like yesterday, I was able to connect with literally over 100 new podcasters on threads. This was mind-blowing because one post said to follow everyone who follows me for the entire month. I thought nothing of it until I gained over 100 followers in 24 hours and made several new connections that I'm waaaaay more excited about.

Sometimes, things work out exactly how they are supposed to. I have no doubts that I've been given my platform to honor fatherhood, honor God, and spread critical awareness and much-needed love and support to men worldwide.

So, that very intentional post is an excellent example of where you're intentional about what you want and very clear you get back exactly what you wanted and even more.

Yesterday was so much fun as I took my girls to our local annual father-daughter dance, which is tons of fun. It's the 3rd year I've taken my oldest and the 2nd year my youngest girl has come. I love the memories we make from this and how I can spend a few hours dancing, laughing, and having so much fun with them. It's a genuine opportunity to be more intentional, focused, and present. The theme this year was a sacred treasure.

This was so cool because these girls and my fiance are the most precious people I have in my life. The most treasured is the time I enjoy having fun, laughing, relaxing, talking, and being together. I'm always going to remember every dance.

This dance also marks a milestone, as the dance two years ago was when I started to find my faith again. Turning my heart, my pain, and my sorrow all over to my Savior and my God. This dance means more to me and my girls than some, as without it, I don't think I'd be as healed, as faithful, and I don't think I'd be where I am today.

Okay, quick accountability check.

Dads accountability check

One thing I did well yesterday was that even though I got frustrated a couple of times with the kids, I took a breath and worked through it.

I need to work on staying focused on random tasks at home that push me off doing something my kids ask me.

Oldest daughter check

One thing she did well was listen all day to whatever I asked her with little resistance.

One thing she could do better is help her sister even when she doesn't want to

Youngest daughter check

One thing she did well was pick out her clothes and allow herself to be helped.

She could improve on using her words to communicate vs tears.

I started finding it going longer while journaling as I started at about 628am, and now it's 648am. That's a wrap on today: blessings, you all. Happy Sunday.

Day ten is a moment of triumph: you stand atop a mountain, arms raised high, basking in the glow of a radiant sunrise. This marks the pinnacle of your journey towards intentionality, a celebration of personal growth and the achievements you've embraced. 🏔️🌄🎉✨

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