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NLCS Preview and Prediction

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

What happened in the NL? The Marlins overcame COVID and made it to the NLDS and lost for the first time in Franchise history in the playoff series, got it okay. Who did they lose to? The Braves, YES! I was right there then from the beginning. Okay, let me take a wild guess the Dodgers are the other team in the NLCS? Sweet, wait, they swept the Padres 3-0 in the ALDS, dang. That means all 4 ALDS matchups were actually within the division.

Okay, now that I am fully caught up on baseball. The official site of the blog is up and runnings. Come over, check it out, jump into the forums and let's start talking some 2020 baseball and looking to 2021.

Let's get into the Braves dugout, who was my favorite team to be here this season. After finishing the season at 35-25 and an NL East title and the second-best record in the NL, the Braves had to overcome COVID first. Then I got hit by injuries as we were early in the season. Then we're dealing with injuries as we continued to key players. This team has overcome a lot of adversity to be here. With incredible seasons from Ozuna and Freeman leading them to where they are now was fun to watch.

The strength of this team is the offense and great defense and clutch pitching. The pitching staff threw two shutouts to sweep the NLDS.

We see a hungry team with outstanding leadership, excellent coaching, and is ready to put the ATL on the map as the best team in baseball.

Consistency and getting the lead early will be the key for the Braves to win and move on to the World Series.

Come with me over the LA Dodgers dugout, which features Mookie, Belli, Kersh, Bueler, and many other great talents. The Dodgers struggled out of the gate early in the season, and then once Mookie started to come alive well, the won 43 games and dominated all competition. There isn't much more I need to say about this team except for one word-great.

The Dodgers are the best team in baseball, and we all knew that already. I have had them as my World Series favorite for a 162 game season or even the 60 game season I have them here. But, what makes this difference is they haven't played this Braves team once all season. That will not matter to this potent offense that can beat you with anyone in the lineup on any given day. That is the Dodgers' biggest strength because it does not always have to be Mookie; everyone can step up and produce in the clutch. The pitching staff will also have to be careful with a good Braves lineup, which saw excellent quality pitching the NL/AL East competition all year.

Overall, we have an outstanding matchup in the NLCS; both teams are dangerous and have my utmost respect.

Final prediction- This one is going to a game seven and coming down to the 9th inning in a tied game. I think the Dodgers win it here, unless Acuna, Freddie, or Ozuna is up; if not, this one goes to the Dodgers and that deep lineup.

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