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NL Staying at the Bottom?

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

What is going on guys, I hope you all are doing well. Today, we will look at the teams at the bottom of each division in the NL. We will see if this is where they belong or if their futures could be changing.

I am starting West with the SF Giants. Who after Saturday's game are now 8-14. They have dropped two straight in the 9th, where they were in the lead. The guy they turned to in the 9th for two nights Gott got to the 9th again. We have seen some perfect ball played by Yastrzemski, Flores, and Solano, all hitting above .300. Veterans Longoria, Crawford, Pence, Sandoval, Beltall looking like their primes are behind them. With the team having hit 24HR, 89RBI, .246BA, and a 310OBP with 175 strikeouts. This offense isn't able to get the job done against much better competition in the NL and AL West. The pitching also isn't holding up to the tough AL/NL having a team 5.16ERA. The pitching isn't picking up the hitting with Webb and Menez only SP's with an ERA under 3. I don't see many upsides right now for the Giants as the bullpen hasn't shown they can protect a lead and win games, and the starting pitching, not giving them a chance.

The Central is always a logical place to go in the middle of these posts. The Pittsburgh Pirates have started the season 4-14 as we sit 1/3 way into the season. I mean, there is a lot of bad for the Pirates offense. They are hitting .211 with 19HR and 71 RBI and a .273OBP. Their BA leader Newman has a .246BA. I don't see the offense outside of Bell turning it around this season. The pitching has been a little harder to watch even than the offense. They are pitching to a 5.55ERA, with each starter posting at least a 3.2ERA. The Staff has given up 28HR while every RP threw more than one inning has a 2.84ERA or higher. I mean, it is 20/20; anything could happen. Bring on Ke'Bryan Hayes.

The Washington Nationals are the last team in the East today and may have a brighter future ahead—having Stras and Castro go to the IL. The Nationals are tied for 4th in the NL East with the Met's.that's only because the Phillies are in 3rd with their 7-9 record, and the Marlins are in first with a 9-5 record. The full standings with the NL East are weird. The Nationals have played like a lost team with a 2-8 record at home and only being a 3-7 team over their last 10. Of those previous seven games lost, five were to the Orioles. The World Champs are not hitting well as a team with 21HR, 75RBI, 129SO, 260BA, and 317OBP. Soto, Kendricks, and Turner all having an excellent first 1/3 of the season. At the same time, the rest of the team is hitting 260 or below. The Rotation has fared well thus far with Scherzer, Fedde, Voth, and Corbin all pitching with a low 3.9 ERA.

The pen has been good with Finnegan, Rainey, Freeman, Guerra, all having a below 3 ERA. Pitching isn't the problem for the Nats its offense, or is it. The Nat's are hitting 303BA and 372OBP with RISP and 287BA and 373OBP with runners on. The lack of production is coming in the clutch with RISP with two outs. They are hitting only 270BA with a 361BA. Their fielding has been excellent, with a .982 FLD% and only 11 Errors on the season. This team just has had a couple of swings of lousy luck, and I fully expect the Nationals to get back into the NL and NL East.

Thank you for your time!

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