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AL Staying at the Bottom?

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

What is going on guys, I hope you all are doing well. Today, we will look at the teams at the bottom of each division in the NL. We will see if this is where they belong or if their futures could be changing. The records as of 8/15

Time goes to the AL East to start this excellent article. For the first time in Franchise history, this team gave up 8+ runs for six games. They are sitting at 6-15, going 3-7 over their last 10. The Boston Red Sox aren't the worst team in baseball a 1/3 of the way into the season but are the worst in the AL. I saw this coming after losing Mookie, Price in a trade. Have Sale and E-Rod go down to injury. The Sox as a team have 24HR, 83RBI, 187K's, 252BA, and 313OBP. Pillar is the BA leader with a 316BA, while the rest is 295BA or lower. The pitching staff is struggling as well or just in reality with a 5.86ERA. The starters each have an ERA of 3.38 or higher. While looking into the numbers deeper, I just dropped Eovaldi from my fantasy team. For the pen, only 2 RP have a sub-3 ERA with more than 3IP. I don't see a turnaround coming for the Bo Sox. I think its time to sell to regain some pitching assets.

I really should not always put the significant teams in the middle of my posts. They seem to be a natural fit in the middle. The KC Royals being a 9-12 team with a 6-4 record over their last ten games. The offense has been that of a last-place team: hitting 24HR, 83RBI, 175K's, 253BA with a 307OBP. Salvador Perez has been his usual self with a 314BA, 4HR, and 12RBI. While Merrifield, Franco, and Soler each have 5HR as well and 10+RBI a piece. Overall, solid performances from the bats in the lineups. While starters Duffy, Singer, Bubic are off to rough starts for the Royals, each has a 4.4ERA or higher. With bright spots, Barlow, Keller, Holland, Rosenthal, and Staumont have been bright spots for the Royals. The Royals do have Asa Lacey down at the alternate site, ready to call up among other pitching prospects. If the Royals keep up a barely below .500 pace, they may need some rotation help to get over the hump. This Royals team may not be at the bottom for the next 40 games.

Now to the West, where I live, sadly, it's my beloved Seattle Mariners at the bottom of the AL West. We all saw this coming with a 7-15 record, 3-7 record at home, and 4-8 on the road going 3-7 over the last 10. With the offense being led by Kyle and Kyle for the most part. The team has hit 19HR, 79RBI, 184K, 225BA, and a 305OBP. With subpar production from everyone not named Kyle or JP, all running below 278 if not below 200 in general. The offense isn't there. It is all about getting Long, White, Moore, Vogelbach all reps instead of them producing. The pitching hasn't been great, with each starter all pitching to a 3.14ERA or higher. The team ERA is a 5.85 and focuses on getting Sheffield, Dunn, and other young arms time on the bump being the focus. Win's and losses don't matter to the M's, and as a fan seeing these guys develop or not develop is all we can ask for. Fellow Seattle friends, we have a rough 40 games ahead.

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