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2020 Full Season Rule Changes

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

2019 Rule Change Review

Inning Breaks

This rule changes how much time is in between innings. The change for 2019 was 2:05 down to 2:00 in local games and 2:25 down to 2:00 national competitions. However, in 2020 the commissioner's office retains the right to reduce further. This means that pitchers and players have to transition from the offensive side is much less. I see it isn't huge for fielders but more so for pitchers and catchers. For pitchers, especially if it's a long inning, are sitting in the dugout longer, and that 5 seconds is a new pitch or two. Which I would imagine leads to increased fatigue and possibly fewer winnings for the guys throughout a total season

Trade Deadline:

All that happened was the waiver deadline is gone. So there is just one deadline of July 31st. Of course, teams can still claim players off of Outright Waivers, but not trades are permitted. I love this rule change because it was always so confusing as a fan to understand the waiver trades and how other teams played a part. But this made me so happy when it happened because now the trade deadline is like other sports and creates a little more drama for teams.

All-Star Game Voting

I understand this as kind of a bracket system, so let me break it down for you. The first round or the "primary vote" is the initial round of fan votes. The next in late June/Early July is the election vote

The top 3 players by position in each league get voted on for who the starters will be.

Extra Innings

In any game where his team is winning or losing by six or more runs

As far as the game itself, any extra innings games from the 10th will start with a runner on second base. The HR Derby is one of my favorite Summer Classic events. I love just watching the long ball, and I love this event of the All-Star celebration. Total player prize money is 2.5million

The winner receives 1 million.

2020 Rule Changes:

Active Roster Provisions:

Rosters increase in size from 25-26 until august 31st. For doubleheaders, lists will increase to 27.

The 40man active roster in September will be eliminated and replaced with being able to carry 28 players

There will be a cap on how many Pitchers can be on the roster. Each player has to be assigned as a P or Position player and cannot change all season. Therefore they cannot pitch. however, there are a couple of exceptions

Two Way Player

To qualify, a player must accrue 20MLB IP, and 20MLB games started as a Position player/DH <br />

With 3Ab in each of said games

3 Batter minimum for pitchers

Must pitch to at least three batters or through the end of the half winnings. With exceptions for injuries and illness. The new rule eliminates LOOGY(Left-handed one out guy) and other specialist roles in which pitchers were brought in for one matchup. The rule change increases the value and needs for great bullpen arms

IL Changes

The minimum time a P can spend on the IL is back to 15days. The minimum assignment period for those options to the minors will increase from 10-15days. IL remains ten days for position players. <b>Managers have 20 seconds, not 30 to challenge calls.

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