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2020 Draft Ramifications

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Hey guys, I know it has been a while. Good to be back with you amid the chaos. Being a mixed-race creator puts me in a weird spot for everything. Growing up in both worlds, seeing both sides is different. Regardless of myself, I 100% support the BLM movement. I have seen peers affected by systematic injustice. My roots run deep into many different cultures, and I know change will continue to come out of this worldwide. Stay patient, have empathy, and let us stay united!

Now, into the post today. I have some fascinating opinions on the draft that I can not shake, with this year's draft going to 5 rounds. I see the MLB lining up more closely to other pro-sports. NBA is two rounds, NFL 7 rounds. I would like to see the MLB go somewhere between 10-15 and not keep going 40 games. This would help us understand the best talent going and a lot less unproven players. The MLB draft is 40 rounds is so incredibly dull. Yes, it's great for players to get a chance. But they need to continue with less is more. I am already more excited about the Mariners pick of Emerson Griffin than I have been in years about many other selections. Simply because of his track record of success and growth. Same for a lot of these players.

Going solely off the first round, we say 18-29 picks were College players; the first 7 were college-level talent. This tells me, teams, this year more than ever, are looking for players who are proven who are groomed and ready to get right in and move quickly through the minors. I honestly think 70% of players tonight in rounds 2-5 will be college players. This is going to set the tone for future drafts. I think teams are tired of waiting for their 4th round HS pitcher to develop into something. When they could have gotten a college guy who is only a couple of years away out of the draft, some of these HS guys may not sign because they want an education, and the talent will more than likely get better.

I honestly would like to see the MLB and teams focus on development more. I think that is a real opportunity now more than ever, with 42 MiLB teams getting cut. With a 1000+ new MiLB/MLB free agents, the stakes have never been higher for teams to get an impact player. The stakes have also never been higher for a player to perform and continuously earn their keep. The term being fast tacked and needing further development will be terms of the past by 2022.

Realize this could be the new norm in the MLB and with the draft. Please get to know who your team drafted this year as you will see them before you realize it also if you are an HS player. Go to college, fine-tune your game and skill set, get an education, and become the best player. Congrats to all the draftees!

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