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Extension Candidates- AL 1/2

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The beginning of the season gets teams and fans alike hot and bothered off of early hype, and we hear the word EXTENSION get thrown around A LOT. So, I figured, why not look into an extension candidate from every team that I think should get a deal done to keep them around long-term so fans can go and buy a jersey? But please, don't go and buy a jersey based on my predictions.

Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Logan Gilbert follows through on a pitch against the New York Yankees in the second inning of a baseball game Thursday, July 8, 2021, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson) (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Mariners: SP Logan Gilbert(24), Arb Years '25-27 Free Agent- 2028,

I am giving Gibert an extension to buy out all the years of his Arbitration and upcoming service years. I am giving Gilbert an 8yr, $150MM extension that will keep him around until 2030 and his age 32 season. The AVV on the new deal would be about $17.5MM. I am giving Gilbert this extension if I am the Mariners because Gilbert's 1-2 punch as he grows with Robbie Ray through 2026, and then the rotation is his; it's a no-brainer. The rotation is not only anchored with a true ACE, but it also has the flexibility to add to it as Gilbert enters his prime.

Athletics: C Sean Murphy(27), Arb Years '23-'25 Free Agent- 2026

Now, I know it's the A's, and we know they likely won't throw a long-term deal to ANYONE. However, if the Oakland A's become the Nashville A's or even the Las Vegas A's, things CHANGE! Murphy is elite behind the dish and great at the plate for his position. I am buying out all of Murphy's years of Arb and giving him a 6yr, $100MM, which is just more than $15MM AVV.

Rangers: 1B Nate Lowe(26), Arb Years '24-26, Free Agent-2027

Out of all the Rangers, Lowe is genuinely the only one who I think should be extended and kept alongside Semien and Seager. Lowe can do one thing to an Elite level; he gets on base. I am giving Lowe a 7yr extension to keep him around until 2029 worth about $110MM, which would be about $15MM AAV

Angels: 2-way Shohei Ohtani(27)- Arb years '23, Free Agent- 2024

We all know who this is, and I do not need to say why he needs this extension. Trout is signed until 2030, 8 years from now. I am giving Ohtani an 8yr deal worth $230MM, which brings us to a $28.75MM AAV.

Astros: OF Kyle Tucker(25)- Arb years '23-'25, Free Agent- 2026

I am such a big fan of Tucker. He has all the tools, and the Astros need Tucker to help lead the youth that will be infused to Houston as Brantley will age out after the '22 season. Altuve, Bregman, and Tucker's trio are only guaranteed through 2024. I am giving Tucker a 10yr, $180MM- $220MM. That feels like a lot, but it will look excellent later as the money falls off the books.

White Sox: SP Lucas Giolitto(27)- Arb years '23, Free Agent- 2024

Giolitto has true ace potential and is the White Sox leader of the rotation when healthy, making it hard for me to want to put him here. But Jimenez and Robert also have their injury woes. The clock is ticking for Giolitto to prove it, and I think the extension needs to happen. I am giving Giolitto and 6yr, $120MM extension, giving him a $20MM AAV.

Twins: SP Chris Paddack(26)- Arb years '23-'24, Free Agent- 2025

The Twins have a lot of talent, but none has shown as many flashes as Chris Paddack in his career thus far that isn't already signed. Now, the Twins didn't bring Paddack in as a secondary option; I think, knowing Sonny is getting older and needs a solid and young arm atop the rotation, Paddack is perfect for that reason to be extended to the Twins. I will give Paddack a 7yr, $140MM extension and a $20MM AAV.

Guardians: SP Shane Bieber(27)- Arb years '23-'24, Free agent 2025

We know he is an ACE; we know that he can and likely will win a Cy Young award in his career, and the Guardians just invested in their best hitter in Jose Ramirez, and it's time for them to do the same with Beiber. I am giving Bieber a 7yr, $175MM extension, which would give him $25MM AAV.

Come back next week for part 2 of AL Extension Candidates, featuring two particular bonus players.

All right, yall, that's it! Thanks for hanging in there for all that. It was super fun! Happy Friday!

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