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Fatherhood and Film: Episode 120 of the Young Dad Podcast with Film Critic William

Episode 120 of the Young Dad Podcast features a fascinating discussion with William, a film reviewer, and podcaster who explores the impact of movies on society and personal life, particularly in the context of fatherhood and cultural issues.

Here is the image depicting the podcast episode of the Young Dad Podcast with Jey interviewing William, a film reviewer and podcaster. The setting captures their discussion in a studio surrounded by movie memorabilia, emphasizing themes like the evolution of TV dads, movies, fatherhood, and baseball. The blend of nostalgia and modernity in the environment reflects their engaging conversation on various topics.
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In this engaging episode of the Young Dad Podcast, host Jey sits down with William to discuss the intriguing intersection of fatherhood, movies, and sports. They delve into the portrayal of dads in media and the societal impact of films and share personal anecdotes about fatherhood, demonstrating how cinema can be a tool for education and emotional connection.

Evolution of TV Dads:

Jey and William kick off the conversation by exploring how TV dads have evolved over the decades. They note significant shifts from the stereotypical distant father figures of early television to more involved portrayals in shows like "Married with Children" and "The Cosby Show." They discuss how these changes reflect broader societal shifts in understanding the role of a father.

Discussing Difficult Topics Through Film:

The conversation then turns to how movies can be powerful platforms for discussing complex issues such as racism and prejudice. William shares insights on how films have opened up critical conversations with his son, helping to educate and inform while providing shared experiences that strengthen their bond.

Personal Connections to Movies:

Jey and William share their favorite films and discuss the profound impact certain movies have had on their lives. They talk about the emotional resonance of animated films, which appeal to both children and adults and how these stories can foster deep emotional and moral development.

Streaming Wars and Baseball:

The discussion shifts to the competitive nature of the streaming industry and how it affects viewers and creators alike. They also dive into their passion for baseball, discussing favorite films like "The Sandlot," "Bad News Bears," and "The Hill," and how these stories resonate with themes of childhood and growth.

Closing Remarks:

Jey and William wrap up the episode by promoting William’s ventures, the Snobcast and Film Snob Reviews, encouraging listeners to explore these resources for insightful film critiques. They conclude with a reminder of the importance of being an engaged and loving dad, the central theme that runs through William’s work and life.


Episode 120 is a testament to the influential role that media and sports play in shaping and reflecting cultural values, particularly in the realm of fatherhood. Jey and William’s discussion offers listeners a nuanced look at how the stories we watch and love can influence our understanding of the world and our roles within it.

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