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Fantasy Dugout: Top OF Targets

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

What is going on, Ball Boys and Ball Girls! I hope you all are doing super well. Thank you so much for being here; as we approach the 2021 season, I want to give you guys some fantasy input for who my top 15 targets are at each position. Most fantasy baseball leagues are 8-10 players; scoring formats vary from league to league, format, and server. You can check out my fantasy tips and tricks here. We are going to start with Outfielders, and I will expand this to 30+ players. I will break down the players into categories: Obvious targets, above average, better than average targets, and lastly a few if you're desperate names. Let me know what you guys think over in the Fantasy Forum.

Obvious Targets:

#1/2 Mookie Betts & Mike Trout: If you had told me 2-3 years ago when I was in a fantasy baseball draft, I would group both Betts and Trout for my #1 pick/#1 outfielder, I might look at you funny. But the production doesn't lie—both hit for average, OBP, and power. If your league counts defense, you have two of the best OF defensively as well. Another great thing about both players is they play on great teams around them and don't always have to play the role of hero. As I said, both of these players are worthy of a #1-3 pick.

#3/4 Bryce Harper Christian Yelich: I know another 2 for one. But I can't separate these two. Both will give you similar numbers in terms of average, home runs, and hits. Both are consistent contributors throughout the season; both play the hero role for their team time in and time out. I love both of these guys as top targets in any draft. Both of these guys could fall to you in the 2nd round, depending on how your draft shakes out. If they are available in the 2nd, get the 100%; if you believe, use your first-round pick.

#5- Ronald Acuna: Acuna is by himself cause he does so much for your fantasy team. He will get you hits, average, home runs, rbi, and stolen bases that are hard to come by. Acuna isn't near any of the above guys because of age, and the above are all nearing 30, and they already lost one year of their prime; they will not want to waste any more time.

I would be targeting Acuna with my first-round pick.

#6 Cody Bellinger- The star Dodger is coming back from off-season should undergo surgery, which puts him slightly lower on the list but, Belli has insane power, hits for average, give you plenty of RBI, and doesn't strike out a ton. Plus, he has been eligible at 1B in years past. I would be looking to scoop Belli up later, maybe 4-6 round. He should be ready for an expected opening day, and he will get passed because of injury concerns.

#7 George Springer- Springer is one of the most durable and consistent players in the MLB. He has shown up he can step up in every big moment. He doesn't shy away from the spotlight and can carry an offense. Springer checks all the boxes of HR, RBI, hits, AVG. What more could you want? I would wait on Springer; he will fall just because of his name and connection to the Astros. I would wait for Springer to be a steal in round 3/4

#8 Juan Soto- Baby Shark, this guy is just incredible. He carried the Nationals offense on his back in 2020 and will keep doing so going into 2021. Soto has shown year over year progression in the MLB and with great play with the bat and the insane power he carries. He is a no brainer. I feel I am doing Soto dirty here, and I will eat my words when I do my review next season. I would draft Soto in the 1st/2nd Round

#9/10 Eloy Jimenez & Luis Robert- Target the duo if you can from the White Sox, and you will not regret it. Both give you HR, RBI, H, AVG, and SB. Both play on one of the best teams in all of baseball, probably top 5.

If you have either of these available at your 2/3rd round pick, please draft them!

Above Average:

#1 Yordan Alvarez- I am a massive fan of Alvarez, and he carries the 2nd tier options for outfielders. Alvarez is an HR machine! He can hit them with the best of them. With the Astros now needing someone to carry the lineup, Alvarez can do it with that big bat of his. I would be targeting Alvarez in rounds 4-7.

#2 Austin Meadows- I know Meadows felt like a substantial disappointment to many in 2020. However, Meadows will carry more of an offensive burden looking to rebound and establish himself as the Rays mainman. Meadows can hit for 30+ HR, give you good AVG and RBI numbers and plenty of hits and not a ton of strikeouts. I would look to target Meadows in rounds 5-7.

#3 Kyle Lewis- The AL Rookie of the year looks to be fully past the knee injuries that delayed his career. However, Lewis is the man for Seattle, and they will lean on him in 2021 to provide above-average numbers in the middle of the lineup. Lewis gets on base by hitting the ball over the field. Lewis will give you probably 20-30HR, 10-15SB, and decent AVG and RBI numbers. Look to be able to sneak Lewis in rounds 6-8 potentially unless you play with a die-hard Mariners fan like me who will spend a round 3-5 pick on him.

#4 Randy Arozarena- The postseason sensation himself. I am beyond excited to see Arozarena win the Rookie of the Year in 2020. Arozarena will fall because of his off-season allegations of domestic violence, which is excellent for you and me! We saw Arozarena get a ton of hits, HR, and make great plays in clutch moments in the 2020 postseason, and I expect more of the same during a full season for him. Arozarena should fall to you in rounds 5-7, if not later.

#5 Franmil Reyes- Reyes has light-tower power, and if Lindor gets moved during the season, the role and opportunity to shine will be brighter than it is now for him to shine. Reyes will give your team RBI, HR, AVG, and just production every week. Reyes is one of my targets in rounds 6-8.

#6/7 Aaron Judge & Giancarlo Stanton- Yes, I grouped the guys who can't stay healthy together. They play for the Yankees, so it makes sense. If Stanton and Judge could remain fit for 3/4 of a season, the Yankees would dominate offensively. The duo can hit 100HR and 200RBI in a full season if they could stay healthy. Take your shot on Stanton or Judge in rounds 7-10.

#8 Joey Gallo- Gallo can give you 40+ HR in a full season but will also drop your team AVG significantly and increase your team's strikeouts. The risk-reward is high if Gallo can gain some plate vision and discipline. The power numbers will make Gallo a higher pick than he should be, but look to target Gallo in rounds 8-11 if you can.

#9 Starling Marte- Marte is the vet for the Marlins and still has plenty left in the tank to offer the young Marlins. Marte gets on-base a ton, hits on an excellent AVG, and will be a daily plug and play without worry. I would be looking to target Marte in rounds 10-12 in most drafts.

#10 Charlie Blackmon & Michael Brantley- Blackmon and Brantley feel OLD! Blackmon is my guy in fantasy baseball, as I have had him on a team for at least the last five years. He is consistent with the AVG and gives you good HR and RBI numbers. Brantley is also compatible and can provide your fantasy team good HR, AVG, and RBI numbers. You should be able to score one of both of these guys in rounds 11-14.

Average, you could do worse:

#1 Victor Robles- Robles is overshadowed by Juan Soto in Washington and deserves a lot more credit. Robles plays 3rd fiddle in Washington after Soto and Turner, which is excellent for you because Robles could turn into a 20HR/30SB player. I will be targeting Soto in the late rounds of a draft, probably after round 12 for sure.

#2 David Dahl- Dahl was released by the Rockies during the 2020 off-season and is now with the Rangers and will be hitting right next to Gallo. Dahl gives you everything you want in a 3rd or 4th OF on your team, AVG, H, 20+HR, and 70ish RBI. He is consistent and rarely will let you down every week. I would be waiting for Dahl as long as possible, maybe around 13 or later

#3 Ketel Marte- Many other teams will spend up on Marte as he is eligible to play OF and 2B. DO NOT TARGET HIM EARLY. Marte was one of my biggest disappointments coming out of 2020, and I had him in one league, and he was benched all season. I know Marte is the brightest star in AZ, but please wait on him. He can be terrific, but outside one above-average season, the numbers just haven't been there consistently. Your team needs consistency, and he will not give it to you. Look to target him in the later rounds of 13-17.

#4 Michael Conforto- Big, big fan of Conforto. The best part is you will be able to get 25-35HR out of him and not have to spend a high pick on him. Conforto is under-rated. Conforto doesn't hit for a super high average, and he can be streaky at times, but the end product will be good for your team if you can pick your spots accordingly. I would be looking to draft him in rounds 11-13.

#5 Andrew Benintendi/ Alex Verdugo- The Red Sox duo carried high expectations in 2020 and showed they could replace about 75% of the Mookie Betts production. With Alex Cora as Manager, my confidence is high in both. Both can give you at least 20HR, while Verdugo may be able to produce 30+, both should give you about 70+ RBI and a .280AVG+. Unless you have a die-hard Red Sox fan in your league, then you will need to target both before round 12. If not, you should be able to sit and wait for them after round 14.

#6 Ramon Laureano- Laureano is an exciting leadoff/ two-hole hitter for Oakland A's. Laureano doesn't just make highlight plays in the outfield; he is also great with the bat. Laureano is overshadowed in Oakland by Olsen and Chapman in terms of offensive targets. However, please don't sleep on him. He could give your team 20HR/20SB with a high AVG and plenty of hits and consistency through the season. Laureano is one of my favorite targets after round 13.

#7 Lourdes Gurriel Jr.- The Blue Jays are stacked with talent. Montoya is a fantastic manager, and the Jays are in striking distance of the AL East crown. Gurriel helps the Jays and your fantasy team get over their offensive hump to a deep playoff run. Gurriel will give your plenty of HR and RBI as well as a high average. Gurriel is also one of those overshadowed players behind Vlad Jr., Bichette, Biggio as targets for other players in your league, so be sure to capitalize after round 15.

#8 JD Martinez- Martinez is a long shot. Martinez is an aging slugger who is past his prime but hopefully has his old man muscles kick in soon for him. Martinez was by far one of the, if not the biggest disappointment in 2020 for those who took him in the earlier rounds. I believe the HR and RBI numbers will rebound for Martinez in 2021 for the Red Sox as the entire team is a rebound. I would be looking at Martinez after round 17.

#9 Mitch Haniger- Haniger is one of the best hitters on the Seattle Mariners, and it's a shame, so many injuries have riddled him over the past couple of seasons. If he is healthy and plays at least 3/4 of a season in 2020, you can expect about 20+HR, 80RBI, and at least a .270AVG from him, which will be great because you will be able to get him with one of your last three picks.

#10 Trey Mancini- After beating cancer in 2020, Mancini is ready to get back on the field and pick up where he left off. Mancini was primed to lead the O's into their rebuild going into 2020. Now more than ever, he has something to prove and will be an inspiration to MILLIONS battling cancer as a symbol of hope. Mancini will be an awesome late-round flyer, much like Haniger.

Desperate times call for desperate measures:

Austin Hayes, Dylan Carlson, Tyler O'Neil, Lorenzo Cain, Kyle Tucker, Justin Upton,

Only draft these guys with a late-round flyer if you need the depth. Suppose you don't have to great! If you ended up with any of these players, you probably auto-drafted! DO NOT BE AN VICTIM OF AUTO DRAFT IN FANTASY BASEBALL!

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