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Fantasy Dugout: Top C Targets

What is going on, Ball Boys and Ball Girls! I hope you all are doing super well. Thank you so much for being here; as we approach the 2021 season, I want to give you guys some fantasy input for who my top 15 targets are at each position. Most fantasy baseball leagues are 8-10 players; scoring formats vary from league to league, structure, and server. You can check out my fantasy tips and tricks here. I will break down the players into categories: Obvious targets, above average, better than average targets, and lastly, a few if you're desperate names. Let me know what you guys think over in the Fantasy Forum. Be smart when drafting a Catcher because they don't usually give you a ton of offense, so if you whiff on a top 10 guy, you may have a significant gap in your offense. Players don't usually go off the board until rounds 4 or 5; keep that in mind. Make sure to get the best players you can ahead of when Catchers go off the board.

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Obvious Targets, a.k.a. don't pass on these players:

#1 JT Realmuto- Back in Philly JTR signs, he will be the best option at the position. JTR should give you 20+HR, 70+RBI, and a .270+BA. Look to snag JTR in rounds 4/5.

#2 Salvador Perez- What a comeback from Tommy John and having Covid in 2020 for Salvy. Salvy, when healthy, which he should be going into 2021, will give you 23+HR, 75+RBI, .250+BA and should also be a 4th/5th round pick.

#3 Buster Posey- Did you guys forget about Buster Posey? A career .302/.370/.456 hitter. He wasn't injured in 2020; he opted out. Posey will be back in 2020, looking to re-establish himself as a top option at the position. Posey should fall in drafts to the 8th/9th round but could easily give you 17+HR, 80+RBI, and be close to the previously mentioned slash line.

#4 Willson Contreras- Much like Rizzo with the first baseman, Contreras could be playing for a trade to a legit contender. With the Cubs all coming off a down year, there will be plenty of storylines about if this team can still compete. Yes, they can and will. The backstop should give you 15+HR, 55+RBI, .260+BA, and drafted in the 6th/7th round.

#5 Yamani Grandal- With McCann now gone, Grandal will get all of the time needed to be a top option at the position. Grandal is a patient hitter, which allows him to pick his spots. Grandal should give your team 20+HR, 70+RBI, and a .240+BA. Grandal should be targeted in the 6th or 7th round.

Above Average, you just missed out:

#1 Travis d'Arnaud- The Atlanta backstop missed the early part of the season due to COVID, and once he came back, he was incredible. d'Arnaud should give your team 18+HR, 75+RBI, .265+BA and be a solid contributor in the ATL lineup. Target him in round 9 or 10.

#2 Sean Murphy- I am a big fan of Murphy as the youngster showed up in 2020. In a full 162g season, we should see him hit about 23+HR, 50+RBI, .235+BA and should come up big for your team if you score him in rounds 7/8

#3 Austin Nola- Nola is the definition of a late bloomer. The best part of Nola is you can play him at C, 1B, 2B, and maybe even the OF in your lineup. With the defensive versatility, he will find himself on the field and in the lineup. Look for Nola to give your team 20+HR, 70+RBI, .270+BA, and 8th or 9th round target.

#4 Omar Narvaez- Narvaez will be useful once again for fantasy teams in 2020. The Brewers barely made the playoffs in 2020 and need all the offense they can get. Look for Narvaez to give you 10+HR, 45+RBI, and a .260+BA. You should be able to score him around the 8th or 9th round in most drafts.

#5 James McCann- I am personally taking a wait-and-see approach with the Met's new catcher. He is a massive upgrade over the previous option the Mets had in 2020. McCann should give your team 17+HR, 65+RBI, and a .250+BA in 2021. McCann maybe ends up being 7th round pick, but if he is there in round 9 or 10, pick him up.

Better than Average, you could have done better:

#1 Gary Sanchez- We all have heard that the Yankees want to help Sanchez get back to what he was in 2019 after a difficult 2020. The struggles and inconsistency will make him fall into the later rounds. But he should give you 25+HR, 70+RBI, .240+BA. Sanchez could be a steal if you can get him in round 10 or later.

#2 Mitch Garver- Garver will probably go off the board sooner than I think he will. If he is your target at C, you should get 15+HR, 50+RBI, and a decent .250+BA. I don't love Garver for my team, but you could target him around the 10 round.

#3 Wil Smith- I am not 100% in on the Dodgers backstop, but he should be productive for your team giving you 17+HR, 50+RBI, but he could tank your AVG if he only hits .225+. Target him in round 10/11

#4 Tom Murphy- Coming off the injuries in 2019. Murphy should be back as the top option as the Seattle backstop. Murphy will be one of my top rebound candidates and should give fantasy owners 23+HR, 70+RBI, .250+BA and be a 12/13 round pick.

#5 Cristian Vasquez- The position is relatively thin, which gives Vasquez the top 15 spots. Look for him to give you 13+HR, 50+RBI, and a .260+BA, and should be a 15th round pick.

Desperate times, or you auto-drafted:

Carson Kelly, Yadier Molina, Jake Nottingham, Tucker Barnhart

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Thank you guys for reading to the end. I love taking the extra few seconds to read how much I appreciate you and how grateful I am for the time you have spent with me in this post, listening to the Podcast, participating in the forums, and sharing with friends. It all means so much to me, and I appreciate it and am so beyond grateful! Thank you!

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