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Ep17: You are Enough

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Yes, yes, you are enough. I promise. This week, we, unfortunately, weren't joined by A-A-Ron. However, that did not stop Jey from bringing on Little Brigy Blue Eyes, aka Brig from Baseball 2gether and creator of 9+us. Brig and Jey opened the show with a spirited two-way debate about Gorillas, body parts for money, and living forever. You will want to take advantage of this intro.

Lastly, Jey and Brig hung out and talked before, as these two couldn't stop, and who could blame this? This conversation they had was seriously awesome. Brig took us through his journey of growing up with privilege (which he checked, as we all should), military, injury, pregnancy, his wife's cancer, and eventual passing that left him a widower, his addiction, and his recovery and how that has all impacted him and made him into the amazing person that he is.

Again, you will want to see and hear all of this. Stay tuned till the end, as every piece of advice and wisdom was beautiful.

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