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EP15: Love Yourself

Hey there to all our unique listeners; today, we have an excellent short episode to kick off the shortest month of the year. Both the brothers were fighting through fevers, chills, and runny noses to make this happen for you today. Am I right? Have you got to love this time of the year?

To kick off how the brothers answer three quick questions from Twitter/IG. Find the link in the linktree below to follow and ask.

They then dive deep into self-love as it's almost Valentine's day, and you must love yourself every day for the rest of your life. You can do it.

The two talk about having a clear picture of self and forgiveness toward self and others, and Jey tells us about the four elements of Forgiveness therapy.

The two wrap up with some kind words, RIP Kobe, and tease out something extraordinary for later this week.

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