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EP14: Balance and The Struggle

ll right, I promise you to want to catch this episode. So much advice, inspiration, laughs, and embarrassment. Let me break it down for you.

Greetings, it's Wednesday, which is time for a new episode. The brothers today started with an overrated/underrated talking about:

Having siblings.

Bucket hats (cool dad hat).

Recording concerts/live events with your phone camera and going to brunch.

Honestly, you'll love the first segment.

Next, the bros got into an exciting discussion on balance. As you know, the Young Dad Pod preaches balance in every aspect of life. They got into finding balance with Work, Relationships, Kids, and Self. Wow, that was inspiring.

Now we get into something for the parents out there, the STRUGGLES! We have all of them, but the brothers talked about 4 of the most common ones that Jey could find among us.

Saying "No"

The Endless Concern

Letting your kids fail

Am I doing a good enough job?

Jey ended this show portion with a great quote from soon-to-be guest Brig from Baseball 2gether.

Lastly, a new segment! You will have to listen to fully experience how funny Drunk Spelling Bee indeed was.

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