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EP12: New Years in a Nutshell


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Happy New Year, and welcome into the show today and welcome in 2023. We are so excited for such a great year ahead filled with many guests, excellent content, laughs, and tears to be shed.

The brothers are back to kick off the New Year with you. They start talking about what they are leaving behind in 2022 and NOT bringing it into 2023. Leave last year in last year, am I right?

Next, the guys get into tips and tricks to help you meet your fitness, health, and body goals. Then how to help you improve your relationship with kids, spouse, friends, and family. They gave even more advice on helping you improve your financial situation and, lastly, your mental and emotional health. Remember, it ain't weak to speak.

Last, the brothers give you some high quality would you rather, some shameless answers, and a new motto for 2023. #Shameless2023

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