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EP11: Sturge Weber Awareness from Down Unda'


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Greetings from 'Down Unda' on this show's episode, the brothers welcome Evan, whose princess has the rare and uncommon Sturge Weber Syndrome. Evan joins the show from Australia and takes us along his journey as a dad with a daughter with a disability. Please note: this episode does have adult language, not used for harm and may not be for everyone.

Before these three blokes get too far into the discussion on Sturge Weber, they do a themed 3-way debate about spiders, tarantulas, Pizza, and soccer or rugby. It's worth noting, Jey forgets to ask Evan if he likes Pineapple on Pizza; he indeed does. That makes the score 3-2, and A-A-Ron is no longer alone.

Evan then takes us on the journey through life with his princess from the beginning, the ups and downs, the good and evil, and what it has been like for him and his partner.

Lastly, the three yanks wrap up by drafting their favorite "American" sayings. If you laugh harder than Jey, leave a comment, please.

What did you learn today? Please let us know in the comments who won the draft and what you learned today.

Don't forget their invite to you on last week's episode: spread love, cheer, and help someone in need this season. Put one can of food in the bin at the store, grab a $5 toy and donate it, pick a name off the giving tree and give, or whatever you can do to do it.

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