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EP10: Communication, "Young" Parents



Episode Description:

We made it to Episode 10! This episode is a massive milestone for us as of an April 2021 study. "According to Amplifi and Podnews, 44% of the podcasts have less than three episodes! Only 720k podcasts have more than ten episodes. While the remaining 720K, 90% will quit after 20." We aren't quitting, and we love being here with you! Thanks for choosing to listen to us!

Today on the Pod, the brothers do some fun Holiday, would you rather, and Jey squeezes in a few "holi-dad" jokes throughout the episode. Don't worry; you don't have to laugh. The live studio audience that isn't paid does laugh for some reason.

Next, the brothers get how hard it can be to communicate with your partner, kids, friends and family, and extended family this year; listen as they give some tips and tricks on the subject.

The episode got even better as they talked about the wild and crazy ride of being the "young" parents of the group has been for them. Jey was 22 when he had his first kid, and Aaron was 19, almost 20. Spoiler: neither of them would change a thing.

Lastly, they end with light-hearted situations, from talking to a mannequin to telling someone they're a problem. Make sure you comment and tell us what you would do in each situation.

Don't forget their invite to you: spread some love, cheer, and help someone in need this season. Put one can of food in the bin at the store, grab a $5 toy and donate it, pick a name off the giving tree and give, or whatever you can do to do it.

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