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EP 68(98): Midday Musings- Laura & Stephen (FULL TRANSCRIPT)

Stephen and Laura (00:00.)

alcohol content but you know what that's that I think they just like to challenge themselves and I respect it.

Jey (00:06.022)

No, it's a challenge like for sure. It's, it's super fun. It's it is, I think Laura, you're absolutely right where it's like the higher you up, the less you drink, the more they eat faster. It hits you. Cause I remember going drinking, not like drinking, drinking, but going out for a drink or having a drink when I was out at a restaurant or something like it, it hits like when my family would come and visit, like it, they weren't ready for like, I tried warning them. I'm like, if you need to go and grab a can of oxygen or you need, cause I worked at Walmart at the time I was an assistant store manager.

Stephen and Laura (00:19.354)


Stephen and Laura (00:28.252)

Thank you.

Jey (00:35.462)

If you need a can of oxygen, like let me know. Like we have a lot of those because we have a lot of people like during like camping season, we have people coming up from the valley. So up from like Phoenix area, which is 4 ,000 feet lower in elevation to us. So we literally order canned air for camping season, cans of oxygen for people to go and buy and have like the little triangle mask. So that you can just like kind of huff it and.

Stephen and Laura (00:40.794)

Yeah. Yeah.

Stephen and Laura (00:45.54)


Stephen and Laura (00:50.94)

Mm -hmm.

Stephen and Laura (00:56.334)

Oh wow!

Stephen and Laura (01:01.082)

Mm -hmm.

Jey (01:05.35)

get the oxygen caught up and whatnot. So.

Stephen and Laura (01:08.412)

like level out your system. Yeah, yeah, because you just need that extra oxygen boost.

Jey (01:10.982)

pretty much.

100%. Well, Steven, Laura, thank you so much for joining me this week on the Young Dad podcast. I'm super excited to talk to you guys. While we were talking about oxygen elevation, I hit the record button because I thought, hey, this would be a fun conversation to bring us in with. So and I fired the live studio audience and made me mad. But you guys are cat parents, not human parents, which is OK. So a little bit of a different thing that we got going on today.

Stephen and Laura (01:32.666)


Stephen and Laura (01:40.668)


Jey (01:42.582)

I love talking podcast crossovers, talking to new people, getting to know you guys. Steven, you are all over the place on threads. I love your threads engagement. That's how we connected. So Laura, you can thank Steven for that. You guys are the host, the couple hosts of Midday Musings podcast, a couples comedy podcast four times a week or 30 minutes of cozy conversational couples comedy four times a week.

Stephen and Laura (01:46.684)

Oh yeah.

Stephen and Laura (01:57.66)

I do regularly.

Jey (02:13.122)

And you guys, as I understand, I know, right? And you guys do that four times a week, but on your guys's lunch breaks, correct?

Stephen and Laura (02:13.82)

Such a mouthful.


Stephen and Laura (02:21.116)

That is exactly right. Yes. Yeah.

Jey (02:23.302)

Okay, and you guys are married, correct?

Stephen and Laura (02:27.356)

Yeah, for close to a decade now. Yeah, almost a decade. You know, we like to say, it's kind of cheesy, but we like to say we're best friends that have been married for about 10 years, almost 10 years. And it's true. We were friends long before we actually even started dating. I just saw her, she saw me, we're like, hey, you're super cool. Do you want to hang out? And she's like, yeah. A couple years later, we were like, hey, there's a romantic connection here. And we've just been, honestly, like...

Jey (02:30.286)


Jey (02:37.958)

Love that.

Stephen and Laura (02:53.404)

good to best friends ever since. We've really just been hanging out for about 13 years. We've hanging out for quite a while. Yeah, so. Exactly. So we have a lot of fun in our personal life and we like to bring that fun into our podcast. You know, it's really just us hanging out talking. We like to we like to think we're the we're like the two cat.

Jey (02:58.042)

I love that. You just put a couple extra titles on it.

Love it.

Stephen and Laura (03:14.716)

parent household that you wanted growing up. You we don't have kids, but we have like, we just really cultivate like a loving cozy environment, both in our personal space and on the podcast. And that's really what we like to bring. We like to bring this sort of soothing. We like to think of our podcast as like the, the cure to internet overwhelm because everything is stressing you out on the internet. Everything is just making you kind of freak out. Cause it's like,

The 24 hour news cycle, everything is so intense and so elevated. So we're there to kind of take it down, lower the temperature a little bit and go, hey, come and hang out with us. We're going to chill. We're going to get cozy. We're going to talk about some fun stuff. We're talk about media. We're going to talk about some relationship stuff. We're going to talk about history. We're going to talk about a bunch of random other stuff too. Oh yeah, yeah. We're about the comfort listening. Yeah.

Jey (04:02.948)

100%. I love that. So, how did your guys' love story begin? Stephen, let's have you go first from your point of view, how it all started. And Laura, you can fill in the gaps and cut him off wherever he's misleading here.

Stephen and Laura (04:09.188)

I'm out.

Stephen and Laura (04:18.332)

Okay, so I think it all started well two places. Number one, I was playing StarCraft 2 and I noticed we were already connected on Battle .net and I noticed she was playing World of Warcraft and I was like, wait a second, you play WoW? And I haven't really played it, but I was like, respect. That's a very intense game, very in -depth game. And we just started talking on Battle .net as I was playing StarCraft and she was over -crafting on WarCraft.

And then it was that where we started our conversation really where we started really getting in depth into how we were connected, what we had in common. And secondly, and I think maybe even more so, her introducing me to Doctor Who. I had never seen it before, I had heard of it, but she's like, I love this show. I think you're really gonna love it. Just as a friend, check it out. And I saw it and I fell in love with that show. And I said, if this woman loves this show, if this is like her heart song show, I...

Really want to get to know her like much much better. So I think that's really what opened me up to oh, wow I think there is something like really potentially deep here. So I think that's for me. That's where it started What do you think Laura? I like that. It's a nice psychological seduction. Yeah, I mean it I think it was it was like here are some things I'm interested in Oh, you're also very interested in them. Awesome. Let's like explore this. Yeah, I

Jey (05:34.79)


Jey (05:40.516)


Stephen and Laura (05:42.396)

So our friendship started in like a darkened theater. We were both doing theater in college and got to know each other that way. But I think the romance for me started when I observed his attitude at length. He's just such a cheerful person and like a bright sunny addition to anyone's life and attitude so attractive, so very attractive. And ultimately we just kind of fell in with our shared interests and our...

our shared desire for self -development. And yeah, once we got together, it just sort of stuck.

Jey (06:23.622)

I love that. That's adorable. And you definitely, you definitely got him because when, I don't know if the guys are listening out there, not the single guys that are listening out there. If she sends you a show that she wants you to watch, you're in. Like you're in. Like that's, that's what my fiance did when we were like talking and stuff and like progressing. She would, we would start watching shows together, watching the same shows and whatnot. And once that started happening, like things like took off.

Stephen and Laura (06:26.35)


Stephen and Laura (06:38.844)

Thank you.

Jey (06:53.382)

And so guys, if she sends you a show, she wants it. She wants you. She likes you a little bit. So just saying. Go ahead, go ahead.

Stephen and Laura (06:54.222)

Mm -hmm.

Stephen and Laura (06:58.428)

I feel like so much, oh sorry.

Oh, I feel like so much of relationship building is a game of show and tell. Yeah. It's just like, hello, I like you. Let me show you something I love. Yeah. And they tell you about it and make sure you watch that show. So if she sends you a show and she's like, I love the show, you should maybe check it out and you don't check it out. Oh, yeah. Like, that's a hard rejection. Yeah. You don't even have to like the show. Just go. I saw it. I thought about it. Here are my thoughts. Like you could even like connect over like a disconnect on a show I found.

Jey (07:25.048)


Stephen and Laura (07:34.172)

Like if, like, so for example, I also, I really like Lord of the Rings and Laura has mixed feelings about Lord of the Rings. She calls it bromance hike because there aren't really any. Because that's the accurate title, but yes, girl. Which is totally fair. There are like, there aren't really any like female leads. There are female supporting characters. So I totally, totally get that. That makes sense. But I hadn't thought about it, but I was like big Lord of the Rings fan. She was like, ah, it's actually bromance hike. It's just kinda, it's not as compelling to me. And that to me was also point of connection because we had like,

It was just, we had a point of conversation that we could have about a particular piece of media. It's the fact that we were able you're disagreeing, aggressively, that can still be connection. You're still connecting. Love, hate, but. Yeah, exactly. No, but I don't hate Lord of the Rings. I just, I notice that it is not a Bechdel test passing property. Yeah, that's totally fair.

Totally fair. I didn't mean to make anyone think you hate them. Oh no, no. People will come for me on the internet. Oh yeah, that's true. You can't be seen. Folks, she doesn't hate little things. She likes it. She just does. It doesn't pass the Bechdel test and I think we all can agree on that.

Jey (08:34.566)

They will, they will, they will come for her.

Jey (08:44.166)

So Laura, where do you fall with Star Wars then?

Stephen and Laura (08:48.732)

Ooh, I love Star Wars, but I desperately, desperately love Star Trek.

Jey (08:56.614)

Okay, that's okay, that's okay, I'll take that. What about...

Stephen and Laura (08:58.844)

We're like, I'll let it pass, I'll let it pass.

Jey (09:01.766)

Yeah, let's perhaps. What are your guys' favorite sitcoms? Like multi -season sitcoms that you guys absolutely love, like as individuals or as like a couple, since we're kind of on the topic here.

Stephen and Laura (09:12.892)

I love this question. It's a beautiful question. And the answer for me is 30 Rock. Yeah, like I rewatch it consistently as like a comfort show at night. Oh, same. Absolutely. Yeah. 30 Rock. You're in the same room. Yeah. 30 Rock is like that's that's kind of our go to honestly. Again, I think it's a show Laura introduced me to like some 10 years ago and I was like, this is this is amazing. I can just rewatch this over and over and over again. It has it has, I believe, the most jokes.

per minute of any known show at this point in time. Like it's got like five jokes every minute. It's insane. It's just, it's super funny. It has some fantastic actors like Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski. Yeah. It just, it has all these fantastic actors and just fantastic, right? And then Donald Glover is a writer on it, you know, from community. And that, that dude's amazing.

Jey (10:10.884)

Mm -hmm. He's so good.

Stephen and Laura (10:12.092)

Yeah, so I mean, I love community too. But I think 30 Rock definitely our go -to. We called out that in our podcast, 30 Rock is kind of required supplementary viewing. Oh yeah, there are references in almost every episode. It's almost alienating. That's what I was going to say. It is almost alienating. I hope it isn't, but for those who like 30 Rock, they'll probably love the podcast because we just sprinkle them in sometimes. We'll like reference random songs like Werewolf Bar Mitzvah or

muffin top and just kind of throw that out there to see if people catch it. Also special shout out to the Good Place. Oh my gosh, Good Place is freaking fantastic. What about you Jay? What are you watching?

Jey (10:50.598)

Some good shows, good shows. If you can't see the sign behind me, if you can't see that little sign behind me. Okay, that's fine. It says, and you'll know exactly where it's from right away. It says, would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, bow. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. And then my little desk thing.

Stephen and Laura (10:58.748)

It's not completely clear.

Stephen and Laura (11:10.364)


Stephen and Laura (11:18.816)

Perfect. Perfect. Nice.

Jey (11:21.334)

So if that doesn't say it, then that should say it. On my desk at work, I have a Stanley mug. It's just a picture of Stanley's face from the office that says, do I look like I'm kidding? So it's a Stanley mug. It's pretty, it's a top of the line Stanley mug. I don't even know how I came across it. It was random. Like I wasn't even looking for it. It found me.

Stephen and Laura (11:30.714)

Mm -hmm. Mm -hmm.

Stephen and Laura (11:37.372)


Stephen and Laura (11:44.676)


Stephen and Laura (11:48.828)

Mm -hmm. That's it.

Jey (11:49.83)

That's how much the office loves me and I love the office. I was at Ross and I was shopping at Ross. I think I was getting some clothes or something, or maybe I was getting a present for, I don't remember why I was there, but as I'm going to check out waiting in the absurd line that is the Ross checkout line every single time you go, there was, it was in one of those like random like bins of like essential like clothing, like socks or something random.

Stephen and Laura (12:06.524)

Oh yeah.

Jey (12:15.684)

And it was just there and I saw it. I'm like, I have to have this this just found me and so I put it in my car I think it was like six dollars never looked back

Stephen and Laura (12:20.636)

Mm -hmm.

Stephen and Laura (12:25.532)

That's a beautiful love story. Beats are my model.

Jey (12:28.198)

Yeah, so The Office is by far my top favorite sitcom. Love community. I love... I'm a big How I Met Your Mother fan, even though that one's a little out there.

Stephen and Laura (12:35.548)

Thank you.

Jey (12:44.07)

I'm trying to think of what else. I love scrubs. I love psych.

Stephen and Laura (12:48.188)

Dude, Scrubs is great. I haven't seen it in a ton of years, but it is still really good going back and looking at it. It still holds up. Oh yeah, keep television.

Jey (12:56.262)

So good. Yeah. When I went to a Comic Con, maybe like five, no, that's more than five years ago now. Six, no. Holy crap. Seven, eight years ago now? Holy crap, I'm getting old. When I went to a Comic Con, the panel people were the two main actors from Psych. And that was super exciting.

Stephen and Laura (13:11.196)


Jey (13:20.614)

So I love me some Psych, I love me some Scrubs, I love me some How I Met Your Mother, love, love, love me some Office. I love that it's on Peacock, I use Peacock way too much.

Stephen and Laura (13:28.956)

Dude, yes. Yeah.

Jey (13:32.134)

Peacock has some solid shows. Paramount Plus also has some really, I love Paramount Plus for my kids, because it has all the Nick cartoons and like the old Nick cartoons, like the 90s Nick cartoons, like Rugrats and Rocket Power, Catdog, Rocko's Modern Life, it has...

Stephen and Laura (13:38.18)

Mm -hmm.

Stephen and Laura (13:43.324)


Jey (13:51.522)

Rump or something in Stimpy, Rumpy and Stimpy or something. Red and Stimpy, thank you, thank you. So it has all those like old 90s, early 2000s Nickelodeon cartoons on there, full length. It has all the old SpongeBob, it has new SpongeBob, it has some really cool like...